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Betmentor contains a plenty of distinctive online sport categories, like:

Horse racing

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Like almost other online betting review sites, Betmentor also presents a policy of commission for newbie and even existing players. The number of bonus differs from each level of players. You can get up to… $ for the initial deposit after registration, called as welcome bonus or sign- up bonus. Your bonus request will be review and if your account qualifies, the bonus will be applied into your account within 24hours after the deposit is completed.


Every player have to face to a big problem when they need to adopt which high odds? Betting on high odds can give very good winnings. But you have to note that gambling on high odds games has some possibility because the probability of outcoming is not very high. The best way is doing a research before betting on high odds matches. BETMENTOR presents the best betting guidelines for high odd matches- You can select the best of them and if you want to be more careful you can select only these with the best profits. Recommendation is to place your bets as single bets.


Through the variety of payment methods, you can easily choose the most suitable option. The most popular way is CreditCard or MasterCard although they comes out top when eWallet options appears and Skrill follows, Neteller and Papal suggest the same quality.

Visa/ MasterCaed

No charge- fee and high security seem to be the advantage of this payment kind by the same process as when you’re shopping online. Once your account is open you are required to enter you name, the long number on your card, the expiry date, sometimes the start date and the security number on the back of your card. You then decide how much to deposit into your account and click confirm. From here in a matter of seconds the funds will show up in your account and you’ll be ready to bet with them.

When you want to withdraw money back using Visa or MasterCard, the thing are just easy. It will take longest 48 hours for credits turning your account after the withdraw process you made on the site. Please remember if you do use a credit card instead of a debit card then you’ll likely have to find a different banking method to make a withdrawal as you’ll only be allowed to withdraw back to your card the same amount as you deposited.

eWallet ( Moneybookers) and Paypal

Skrill ( Moneybooker) and Papal rank the same position on protection. However, withdrawing from your account after making a deposit using an eWallet option take longer to process than a debit/ credit card transaction (under 72 hours). eWallet also take no fee for withdraw transaction because it charges fees for account service. PayPal are about the worst for this when it comes to doing different transactions and  will charge you a standard £5 withdrawal fee to your bank account every time you withdraw funds.


Supporting for Betmentor is a number of knowledgeable experts in taking bets, who are always willing to indicate inside figures, precious strategies as well on online gambles. If you feel any confusion, please contact us, our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through several channels:

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