Football is one of the sports that attract a lot of attention from bettors, next to baseball, horse racing, and basketball. Understanding this situation, our website has ranked the best real money football betting sites for {y} to recommend you great destinations if you want to bet on this field.

The best football betting platforms will be ranked from high to low in our list below. They are transparent and secure sites, so you can enjoy your betting experience with absolute confidence. If you are ready to enter this competitive market, consult it to select a few reputable online betting sites to get started.

We realize how difficult it is for beginners to get used to online football betting. That's why we do a lot of in-depth research and extensive testing to find the best football betting sites to ensure that the newcomers are on the right track for their online football betting. In our ratings, we consider a wide variety of factors, both subjective and objective, of betting sites and evaluate them based on their performance. Our evaluation criteria are explained in more detail below.

How We Rank the Best Real Money Football Betting Sites

We always understand that the needs of each bettor when choosing betting sites are different. So just because a platform is considered the best fit for one player does not mean it is the best option for another. Therefore, we need a specific evaluation criteria table to find an overview of its service quality.

Football Betting Sites
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The number one factor in our assessment is the safety of our customers when playing at a betting site. In other words, the website must have a clear and trustworthy license. This license should come from reputable legal authorities, and the background must operate legally in the jurisdiction in which it is located. Besides, the operator needs to actually pay out all the players who win their bets quickly and transparently.

We make sure that every website on the list we recommend poses no danger to users as they pass our rigorous honesty review process. However, a secure platform does not mean it is perfect for playing. The fact is, the operator needs to go a long way to make an honest platform one of the top football betting sites and make them stand out from the rest. This is where the rest of our evaluation criteria do their job. Consider them now.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Making financial transactions is a basic step that any player must take to play at betting sites officially. Therefore, platforms with high quality of service always make everything as easy and convenient for players as possible. A top football betting site will offer a variety of payment options and currencies to cater to players in many regions of the world.

Besides, the transaction processing time is also paramount. If money is credited to your account immediately after you make a deposit or withdrawal, it means that the operator is making a good effort to make your gambling experience as smooth as possible.

Customer Service

When you spend your hard-earned money on an online betting site, you will expect to receive enthusiastic help from the platform's customer support team should anything go wrong. It is the ultimate goal of any operator to improve the quality of their customer service.

The team of representatives of the best betting sites is always knowledgeable about gambling and is thoroughly trained to solve any problems you encounter in the shortest time. Also, if you're playing at a high-quality site, you'll have multiple approaches to getting in touch with them. For example, they will usually be on call and Live Chat systems 24/7 for immediate recognition and support if their customers have problems playing on the platform. Plus, if you have more in-depth questions, you can get answers if you ask them via the platform's email.

Stability, Intuitive Navigation, and Mobile Adaptability

Although high graphics quality can have a positive impact on user experience at online betting sites, overall, the platforms that offer smooth navigation movements and less lag time will be the more optimal choice for customers. As a result, we always scrutinize the efforts of the platforms' web designers and IT teams to provide the most accurate assessments of the interactive experiences at those platforms for our users.

Furthermore, we know that people are asking for more bets on the go than ever before, based on what technology allows us to do. So every online football betting site on our recommendation list can adapt wonderfully to the mobile environment. As long as you have a device and an Internet connection, you can bet on American football matches anywhere and at any time.

The three factors mentioned above are typical in our evaluation criteria table. Here are some other important considerations that we never overlook to bring out the best in our reviews. 

  • Range of football betting markets and wagering options
  • Welcome bonuses for new customers and ongoing rewards and promotions
  • Competitive odds and lines for football betting markets
  • Live betting platform for in-play wagers during football games

Why Use Online Football Betting Sites?

In the US and Europe, bettors can go to traditional sportsbook stores or convenience stores to set up their bets the traditional way. So the question is, why do more players prefer online sportsbooks to retail betting shops? Here are some of our arguments. 

How to Rate a Football Betting Sites
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All the Fun, None of the Hassles

Online sports betting offers maximum convenience for you. You will stay away from unpleasant circumstances like in land-based betting venues. For example, you can comfortably sit at home and relax with your family while setting up your bets instead of traveling to remote locations and waiting in long lines. That is not to mention external factors such as traffic jams, bad weather conditions, or any other conditions that interfere with your traditional bets.

So why complicate yourself when it's completely unnecessary? With the help of modern technology, you can bet on American football matches in a much more intelligent, more convenient, and time-saving way than before.

Bonuses and Promotions

In fact, the biggest competitive advantage of online betting sites over traditional retail betting stores is the incentive programs and promotions available to players. If you walk into a conventional sportsbook, you will be treated like any other bettor, which means no free bonuses or such things. However, the situation is very different when it comes to online betting.

The top-rated football betting sites we recommend will offer signup bonuses to new customers. Their value is usually based on your deposit, and as such, they can become very substantial. Besides, if you play at a platform long enough, ongoing promotions can add an extra boost to your bankroll.

Shopping for Best Odds and Lines

New players will not pay much attention to this, but the odds of the same bet can vary between online sportsbooks. Therefore, if you are not sure that the odds at the platform you choose are the most profitable, take a look around among the betting sites and find out what's going on there.

While the spread may not be huge for a particular bet, in the long run, the profit you make can make a significant difference.

NFL and College Football Betting

As you know, professional American football and college games are not exactly the same. There is a slight difference in the rules between the two disciplines, as well as the audience they are aimed at. So, a top football betting site will always offer viable betting options to you, no matter what particular flavor you prefer.

To help users choose the right platform that offers the services they require, we've rounded up the best sites to bet on NFL and the best sites to bet on college football. You can refer to them on our official website.

NFL Betting Sites
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Types of NFL Bets

To start researching the different types of bets in an NFL game, let's take a closer look and analyze the most popular ones. These include Points Spread, Moneyline, Total, and Parlays. However, keep in mind that they are just some of the different types of bets that can be made on NFL games, and our recommended soccer betting sites will provide all possible options for you to decide your bet.

Points Spread: It is considered the most popular form of NFL football betting available at all online sports betting sites today. For this form, the team with the advantage before the match takes place will have to hand over the opponent a certain number of points, making the odds equal between the two teams participating in the game.

Moneyline: It's another good approach to NFL games. Here, the score doesn't matter, and you win your bet if you correctly predict the team that will win the match. However, with the handicap removed, the odds will be between the favorite team and the underdog. 

Total: If you don't care which team will win and just watch the match for fun, this type of bet will be right for you. It says that the bookie will estimate the total points scored by the two teams at the end of the match by a specific number of points. If, in fact, the two teams score more points on the field, those who bet on Over will win. On the contrary, those who bet on Under will win if the total score of the two teams cannot reach the number estimated by the operator. 

Parlays: If you are used to betting on multiple sports matches at the same time as you do on other sports, then you should have no problem as parlays work the same way for American football. You will bet on many different events and set them up in the same bet ticket. If all events go as you predicted, you win the bet. Conversely, if just one result that you guessed wrong, you will lose your entire wager.

Parlay bets are not an easy challenge for bettors. Its winning rate will be lower the more events you set up in the betting ticket. Even so, the payout will increase by the same percentage, and it promises to be a resounding win. Therefore, it is an option worth considering here.

Besides, other types of bets such as Halftime wagers, Live Betting, Propositions, Teasers and pleasers, and Future bets are also options that many bettors are interested in. Within the scope of the article, we cannot explain in detail these advanced bets. If you have a need to learn about them, our website has many manuals available for you.

NCAA College Football Betting

American football also thrives in colleges. As we said, some of the rules have even been changed to make the matches more competitive among students. So betting on matches like this can feel fresher if you're used to the tempo of NFL games. Besides, you also have more chances to bet as college football matches will take place more often than professional matches.

Regarding the betting forms, they work exactly the same. Most quality sportsbooks offer bets related to college football matches, and they are just as exciting as professional matches. So, if you are looking for something to freshen up the atmosphere or are simply looking for a chance to place a bet after the NFL games are over, NCAA college football betting would be a good option for you to begin.

Online Football Betting Tips

No one wants to lose their bets when it comes to sports betting, even if they start with it as a form of entertainment. However, the reality is that many people tend to lose more than they win if they don't apply strategies and tips to specific betting situations. That's what high-stakes players usually do. So, let's take a look to see what those strategies are and if they really work in increasing your odds of winning. 

Get That Bonus Cash

As noted above, the value of welcome bonuses that you can get at top-rated football betting sites can be very generous. However, don't let that put you off and ignore the more beneficial offers out there. Sports betting is an extremely competitive market, and there is more than one operator running attractive promotions to win your favor. 

Therefore, consider all the possibilities to maximize your benefits. The fact is, you are a demanding customer and are not forced to choose only one particular platform to play on. So, become more open-minded with opportunities to increase your bank account and don't miss them.

Practice Good Bankroll Management

As long as you are in control of how much you intend to spend on betting, gambling has no chance of ruining your finances. For some players, this is quite easy as long as they have good thinking sense. However, as for others, they need a specific strategy and a more rigorous process to keep themselves from getting caught up in gambling.

So, what is the optimal money management strategy? Professional gamblers will set aside a certain amount of money to spend on betting, and they will keep this fund completely separate from their personal funds. In other words, they never borrow money that they intend to spend on necessities of life such as shelter, food, or pay bills for short-term profitable gambling. 

Experts say you should set up a small percentage of your bankroll size to better control your bets. For example, you can set aside 5% of your monthly income to deposit money into online betting sites. That will keep you from losing too much money with impulsive and reckless betting decisions and keep the majority of your bankroll safe. 

Learn About The Sports

There is no better way to increase your odds of winning than to improve your knowledge of what you bet on. While it does not guarantee an absolute win rate, at the very least, you will have more basis to make the most informed betting decisions. Therefore, instead of rushing to bet on matches where you don't know anyone participating in it, take a moment to research the situation of the two teams before the match begins.

You have a lot of tools to do this. If you take the time and follow a few matches, you will identify some of the key players of the teams and the tactical preferences they use. For example, if two teams that meet in an upcoming match both use defense as their motto, it is more likely that the match will be played with few goals or similar events.  

Besides, the top football betting sites will provide in-depth statistical information about players and teams for your reference. For example, if you are betting on who will score the most in a match, you should take a look at his performance in previous matches to see how often he scores. 

Reviewing the statistics and situation of the teams will help you feel better and more informed in your betting decisions. If you really want to win more, or anything where you want to improve your performance, learning and research is always the way to go. 


We know that it can be confusing to access so much information at once. So, we're going to give you a quick recap of what happened. First, you can put your absolute trust in all the football betting sites we recommend, as we recommend a platform to you based on many criteria. In addition, betting on American football is more diverse and flexible than you think, as many types of bets are available, and tournaments from pro to amateur take place every day. Finally, use smart strategies to take better control of your personal finances and avoid getting caught up in gambling. Hopefully, the article will be useful to you and help you win more bets in the future when betting with American football.

Published: 14 May 2022 18:04