Our Story


he dream of owning a website or the desire of earning money from the internet has always burnt in my heart. I my friend, we proudly introduce to be the team of 2 people. We decided to enroll the course Technology and Information at at prestigious university in my country. In order to be able to pay for the rent and all, we was constantly looking for a job in IT and most working with as a designer for a website. The first time was the web design gig for a medical website. That was the first money ever that I and my friend ever earned at the age of 19 years old. We worked for them in 1 years. Earning some money from the work. We were living as a king there. And thing came and changed and the prosperity of gambling lured me and my friend. We decided to place some bets.

Needless to say, We sometimes won and sometimes lost. The number of lost times were even higher than winning money. We was wondering ourselves why that even happened. Wasn't it so clear of the chances for winning and losing? Was it not obvious enough? Or any other frauds were happening there? It was a bittersweet taste of feeling. We could not do anything and for sure at that time cause we could not find any website which was unbiased enough for us to share the experience and to ask for an expert helps.

We stopped gambling for a while, even we are so damn in love with gambling. But trust is the matter. When you lose trust, you would not want to do it again.

But it did not just stop there. One day, my friend found a nice gigs on the internet which paid good and interesting - building a website for a gambling site. We quickly got the offered as we were experienced in website design.

This was sort of new, unexplored job opportunity cause even i know gambling before, but this time was in a different perspective. So we spent our days and nights researching about online casinos, games, online marketing etc. We felt that combining our design skills with huge resources the company which hired us, would make us the best business in that space.

After 2 years, and being an almost expert in gambling and as being curious by nature, We didn't stop searching and understanding the way that sport betting sites operate. I and my friend made a decision which now is changing our life. We started building our own website, mostly focusing on design, since that was our most valuable skill. All the necessary steps involved regarding employee, ad all. The team of two, at the time of launching the website we had the team of 20 people who love gambling and did lose money for this kind of entertainment, I launched Betmentor.

I was obsessing about every single detail of the website, every single pixel had to be in its place, there was no room for mistakes. And I desire for the best for anything I do. The company had 20 wasn't enough though. I did not have money to spend all. So I had volunteers, well mostly my friends who helped me add new content, search and update information. They are the best people in my life.

Now, looking back, many struggle we have been through and even failures have been made. It was damn hard to be known and get interactions from customers. FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING, we promise we never give up on this cause we understand the feeling of betting in fraud is like. We do not want anyone experienced the same thing as we did.

From the slogan NO TRUST - NO BET, we grow