Visa card uses in online gambling are going to be banned in Germany

June 01, 2020

Visa and MasterCard use for gambling are banned in Germany for any gambling related-activities

Germans currently will not be able to use Visa and MasterCard for any gambling related-activities due to many unauthorized gambling transactions which has been caught up recently. 

Visa reportedly called for an action from its partner banks to stop processing payments from any gambling activities. This act is said to be followed by the UK where, earlier this years,  also ban the use of Credit cards in gambling. We could probably guess its message that only legal, properly licensed transactions are processed. 

Some German players reported the issue of their card no longer being accepted by the online casinos, and operators said they’re suspending credit card services for the time being. Different casinos took individual actions: Tipico no longer mentions Visa on their website, while Bwin announced that Visa cards can only be used for sports betting.

Some casinos have been taken the law into practice because some players reported the issue resulting in their cards which is no longer valid for withdrawing and depositing by any online casino. In fact, each casino has a different approach to the law, for example: 

Tipico casino  no longer mentions Visa on their website
Bwin betting site just made a statement that Visa is eligible for sports betting. 
This move is expected to have a bad effect on the gaming industry of this country. Because Germany has a long history of welcoming online casino from the outside to promote and target on German customers. Paypal is also taking the act of cutting off German players’ access to payments for international online casinos in June last year. However, the event of VISA and Paypal withdrawals is believed to be the way of Germany Government in battling  illegal gambling.

There is one online gambling licensing plan that aims to be active and regulate the market by 1 July 2021. The license is aimed to have the mission of authorizing online casinos by placing some regulations on online casinos. Those are: 

Cut down the slot stakes
Preventing customers from logging on two sites simultaneously
Banning  third-party marketing affiliates
Though the licensing plan is still in the process, from this we could expect to have a healthy and clean betting and gaming environment.