What is the best esports betting site?

Fo those who love esport, we make a list of the best esport betting site. This will make it less painful to test which sportsbook offers the best esport section. There are some factor to consider if an online sportsbook is right to choose.

Variety of esports coverage

You might be a little disappointed when your favourite sport is missing from the board of esport offered by a sportsbook. We are tempting to not let this happen by offering you as wde as esport selection as possible. Though we understand that offering a lot of eports does not mean a sportsbook is reliable or providing a good betting products, we do include review section to make sure you can find the best and widest range of esport games.

The best esports betting sites should offer the full range of esports, including everything from Overwatch to Fortnite, FIFA or Call of Duty, and will cover minor as well as major tournaments.

Esports Betting Bonuses

We are trying to find the best Esport betting sites which offer you decent betting bonuses to claim when making a bet there. These bonuses include welcome bonus for new customers in return for signing up with a betting site and promotions for existing customers.

In this list, we have made, we compile the best promotions and welcome bonus exclusive for esport.

Live Esports Betting

Live betting opens its way to Esport. You should place your bets at an esports betting site should offer a wide selection of in-play betting opportunities. Being able to watch the action that you are betting on is an essential part of live esports betting. So the best esport betting site should not miss this feature.

Should not ignore the importance of Customer Care

The importance of customer care should never be ignored when we review a betting site. This is important as if you have a problem or a query while you’re betting online, you need to be able to resolve it quickly. our list of top eport bookmakers provide a variety of customer support contact options, including live chat, email and telephone support, and will make that service available to customers on a 24/7 basis.

Top Esports Betting Site

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Esports Betting Sites FAQs

The terms of esport is still a relatively new phenomenon, Pinnacle was the first sportsbook which opened the door to its way back. Because of that, that could explain why not all bookmakers are providing esports.

Not necessarily. Again, some sportsbooks are new to esport so they do not usually cover all events, so they may choose to only focus on the major events like The International while neglecting to offer fixtures on smaller events.

Generally speaking, you should find sportsbooks which really focus on esports, so you can find good selection of wagers. The list we have made for you contain the most competitive esport section ever