Sports Caller supports Unibet retention with Streakr roll out

March 20, 2020

Kindred Group signed a new contract with FTP game expert SportsCaller on the basis of its advertising skills. Under the regulations of the new contract, SportCaller has revealed its new game Streakr, which is required to drive 'further commitment and solid maintenance.'

New contract of Kindred group with FTP game expert SportsCaller

Portfolio manager at Kindred Group, Johannes Nijboer expressed his feelings that the basic aim of Kindred group brand is to improve user experience on the worldwide stage. That is the reason this organization in association with sportscaller, makes great sense for driving retention in a
respectable way. It gives mental peace to control sports wagering across markets. He further added that the platform made by SportsCaller gives space to the local team so they could organize their plans for worldwide requirements. Their skills and knowledge have made sportscallers their first priority partners, and their conceptual ideas provide précised plans. 

After the international success of Unibet

After the international success of Unibet, this partnership comes. Streakr addition will let players to earn the free bets and money prizes for making predictions about actual results. A user who maintains the chain of right guessing for a long time will win a jackpot prize but the fundamental principle demands the repetitive visit of the user. 

Partnership of these two brands has witnessed the group roll out of 15 games alongside 14 countries and in various 14 languages for a few months. MD of Sportcaller, Cillian Barry said that it’s their obvious right to think that FTP platform’s speed of combination set sportscaller spaced out. And streakr is the latest avatar which shows the different benefits of wide-ranging games and endorses sportsbook proposition via techniques designed at merging retention.

FTP has become a significant advertising purpose for kindred as they try to modify customer experience with the help of novelty, and that’s the sign of reliable partnership. He said that it would be honourable to collaborate with their brands.