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Football betting is the biggest type of betting even with the uncertainty football can bring you. When you ask a lot of the general betting population, including me, they will say that their favourite form of betting is football betting. The reason it is so popular is because of the vast array of markets, like over/under 3.5 goals, it also gives you the chance to enjoy games that you otherwise would not care about. Obviously, when you bet you want to win. So who are the best teams to bet on and why are they good?

La Liga Teams

As a lot of different leagues have a good amount of teams that perform to a high level, I thought it would make more sense to do it by league mainly. La Liga is a good place to start because the overall level of the league is lesser compared to the Premier League but it is also higher than a lot of the other leagues. This helps the odds but also makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience. 

Real Madrid

I think that the most obvious choice for a team to bet on is Real Madrid, they are constantly dominating the top Spanish division and get good enough odds in their big games to where it is going to be a good choice either way. 

Real Madrid
Real Madrid is a strong bet due to their consistent dominance in the top Spanish division and favorable odds in big games.


Girona was the surprise package of the season in Spain, having a great year, not only being top for a while but solidifying a top 4 finish and getting Champions League football for the first team in their history. If you are using this for next season, it could go either way. After the summer, they could lose their best players, or even manager, and be given good odds by bookies on Boylesports football, and you could go against Girona and make money, the risk is yours. As a football fan, I hope that Girona spends well and holds onto their best players so they can keep pushing and growing as a club. Hopefully, within the next few years, we will see Girona win a La Liga title and become one of the biggest teams in the world. 

Premier League Teams

Manchester City

Manchester City are probably my favourite team to bet on because they are usually winning and offer a sense of security for your bets. Although rare, City do lose sometimes and when they do, the odds for their opposing team are always really high. As an avid bettor on City, I sometimes put some money on their opposing team and very rarely it comes in, but when it does, my day is made.

I usually bet on Manchester City for their frequent wins but occasionally bet on their high-odds opponents, which rarely but significantly pays off.

Crystal Palace

Okay, this one is probably a bit controversial and may have some recency bias but Crystal Palace’s squad is too good for the level they play at and their new manager, Glasner, has got them playing really good football that is giving them results, so keep an eye out for them next season and add them to your list of teams to bet on.

Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace's strong squad and effective new manager Glasner make them a team to watch and bet on next season.

Bundesliga Teams

Bayer Leverkusen

Bayer Leverkusen are currently 50 games unbeaten, they have two finals coming up and could do an unbeaten treble, something that has never been done before. Going into next year, they are going to be at very low odds for all of their games. I expect in the summer they will sell some of their best players and lose some of their form and betting against them right now could be the thing that gives you a big win. I won't be betting against them though because they keep scoring late goals and saving themselves.

Bayer Leverkusen
Despite Bayer Leverkusen's 50-game unbeaten streak, the author warns they might lose form after summer sales but won't bet against them due to their late goals.

Bayern Munich

Finally, Bayern is another team that just screams inevitability. They had won the Bundesliga for a decade straight before Leverkusen took the crown and they usually win all of their games. In my opinion, I can see Bayern Munich really pushing to go back for their title and Leverkusen will want to be the new dominant force in the German League, this could make for some interesting results.

Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich and Leverkusen are set to fiercely compete for the Bundesliga title.


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