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The Premier League is the most gambled-on sports league on the planet, and rightfully so. It isn't just the clubs themselves that benefit from billions of pounds flowing through their coffers, but both the bookies and punters also bag themselves a slice of the pie. And with the exhilarating action on display, it's no surprise to see why the English top flight is so popular. 

The 2023/24 season is proving to be one of the most exciting in recent memory. As things stand the top five teams are separated by just eight points, and it's anyone's guess as to who will emerge victorious throughout the course of the next three months. But with that being said, there are two clear front-runners for glory, namely Liverpool and Manchester City. 

At present, it is the former of those two that are the league leaders. Motivated by the news that their maverick German boss Jurgen Klopp will be leaving them at the end of the current season, the Reds currently sit top of the pile, two points clear of Pep Guardiola's Blues and Mikel Arteta's Arsenal. They have lost just two games all season long and have picked up a number of impressive victories including a 4-1 drubbing of Chelsea at Anfield as well as an important point away against City at the Etihad. 

But despite the fact that they are currently in second place, betting on sports odds have made the reigning champion, Manchester City, the -160 favorite for glory. They currently have a game in hand with the league leaders and if they win that, it will be them that sit at the division's summit. However, they do have to balance their domestic responsibilities with the UEFA Champions League, a tournament that they won for the first time in history last season. It remains to be seen whether they can do exactly that. 

With so much to bet on these days, we have narrowed things down for you. Here are three things you should be looking into each and every weekend.

4 Bets You Should Look to Place When Betting on the Premier League

Out of Form Favourite? Bet on the Underdog With a +1 Handicap

Sometimes, the bookmakers' favorites go through slumps in form. They might be missing a key player through injury or suspension, or perhaps they've just not been firing on all cylinders. This is your time to strike because the perceived underdog often has more muscle than the odds indicate. By betting that the underdog will either win or not lose by more than one goal, you're harmonizing your risk with the actual narrative of the match.

More often than not, the underdog is playing for a point, which can make them very tough to break down. And when the underdog does win, the returns are significantly higher than a standard outright win bet.

Big Favourite Losing Early? Place a Live Bet on Them to Win

Place a Corner Handicap Bet as They Press the Action

The Premier League is renowned for its capacity to surprise. If a favorite is unexpectedly losing early in the game, the in-play odds for them to skyrocket. This is your moment to capitalize. Favorites will likely press in the second half, and if they're a quality side, the potential turnaround is a very real possibility.

Top teams possess the quality and mental resilience to bounce back from a losing position. By placing a live bet during the game, you're not only getting better odds but also observing the play and making an informed bet.

Top vs. Bottom Clash? Place a Corner Handicap Bet as They Press the Action

When a top-tier team faces off against a relegation candidate, the disparity in skill often translates to a lopsided match in terms of possession and attacking. Corner handicap bets align with this, as you can wager on a significant disparity in corner kicks taken by both teams. Expect the higher-ranked side to press for offensive opportunities, resulting in more corners in their favor.

It’s all about strategy and the natural flow of the game. Teams with superior attacking play tend to win or force more corners, making this bet particularly favourable in a mismatched contest.

Avoid Betting on Teams To Win If they Have Played in Europe in Midweek

Avoid Betting on Teams To Win

The exertions of European competition can take a toll on Premier League teams, leading to rotated line-ups, tired legs, and sometimes unexpected results in the league. As a rule of thumb, consider the recent fixture congestion before placing your outright win bets.

European matches, particularly away games, can be mentally and physically draining. Teams often struggle to perform at their peak in their domestic league after a midweek Champions League or Europa League tie. The exception to that rule would be the top two. Manchester City have basically two starting eleven's that could win the Premier League while Liverpool find themselves in the Europa League this year, a tournament that they could win without starting their strongest team. 

Published: 16 February 2024 10:44
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