What is Yankee Bet

April 03, 2020

All You Need to Know About a Yankee Bet: Their Explanation and how they work. In the guide, we also list some Pros and Cons of using Yankee Bet.

Yankee Bet Explained-  Their Explanation and Working

what is yankee bet

The Yankee betting game consists of a total of 11 bets. These 11 bets are further divided into six double bets, four triple bets, and a single four bets gamble game. It is falsely believed that this game has its name after an American army man who gambled a little bet in the United Kingdom.  He kept on making more bets again and again during his work. This leads him to win many hundreds of dollars.

  • Yankee is considered to be a well-known way that is used to bet on various sports, especially horse racing.
  • It is composed of a total of 11 bets further divided into four sets.
  • This leads to an increased chance of the outcome from the bet made.

What you should know more about Yankee Bet.

As discussed above, when you gamble a Yankee bet, you need to place a bet on four contrasting sets, with a total 11 in hand. So after placing  £1 in each bet in a Yankee bet, it can cost you £11.

The total winning amount after gambling on a Yankee bet depends upon the two things. First, the number of sets won, and secondly, the odds of each one. Since Yankee bet does not contain any single bets; therefore, you at least need to win two sets in order to expect any outcome on the bet. The chances of gain from just two sets are pretty low, but they are surely greater as compared to the first betted amount.

Overall, the Yankee bets consist of six double bets, four triple bets, and a single four-bet set. You first place your on two of the teams, then you can place your bet on three units at once for four times, and lastly, four-fold in which you can place a bet on four teams at once.

Advantages of Yankee Bet

One advantage of Yankee bet is that within multiple bets, it expands the chance of losing one set. In the old style of gambling, you used to lose when you could not win a single set. If you gamble smartly enough on sets that have high chances of winning, then there will be an increase in the positive outcome on your bet.

Needing a higher bet amount is one of the disadvantages of the Yankee Bet. But the risk is quite high in this game since there are total 11 bets in hand. However, this risk is for sure worth taking since there is also a high probability of winning.

Doing an Each Way Yankee is possible

Yes. It is possible to do each way in Yankee bet.

In each way Yankee bet, there will be a total of 22 bets (2 * 11 bets). The first eleven are to win, as discussed above. On the other hand, the remaining eleven in each way are to be placed in for the sets.

Comparison: Difference between Yankee Bet and Lucky 15 Bet

Similarly to Yankee bet, Lucky 15 bet also has four sets to offer. But there is one major difference. Yankee bet has to offer eleven bets whereas Lucky Bet has a total of 15 bets.

In Lucky 15 Bet, there are 11 bets the same as the Yankee bet as discussed above. But it has four extra bets to be placed. These extra bets are four single bets to be made, one for each set. Although it increases the chances and size of the risk, at the same time, the overall outcome is also significant


In a nutshell, the Yankee bet has a total of 11 bets playing in four contrasting sets. It is composed of six double bets, four triple bets, and a single four-bet game. It is very famous as there is a higher probability of having a higher return as compared to the old traditional form of gambling.