Big Two is a popular card game all over Asia. The game's object is to be the first to discard all your cards. Ideally played with four people, two big players are simple to pick up and play fast. With a regular deck of cards and a few minutes to learn the rules, you'll be playing with ease in no time.

How To Play Big Two
How To Play Big Two - Source: Freepik

How to Play Big Two

Of all the card games, Big Tᴡo is the most noticeable, a game with 52 cards dealt equally to 4 people. Playing Big Two is relatively easy, but to be the first to win, it requires you to have a strategy and experience in playing Big Two. Here we will give some experiences; we hope we can help gamers somewhat in winning.

Experience Playing Big Two

If you have the first turn, then see what strengths your hand has, such as many pairs, many Straight, and a few Single cards, then you should use Straight or pairs to destroy your opponent's cards. If no one can stop you, then continue with pair or straight. On the other hand, if you have a lot of single cards, you should use these cards first to play.

Own Four of a Kind, 3 adjacent pairs: In Big Two, 3 adjacent pairs can intercept 2, and Four of a Kind can intercept 3 adjacent pairs of lesser value, 2 or pair-2. If you own 1 of 2, then choose to play stalking, that is, decide for yourself which turn to call or not to call. Do not call all turns to avoid suspicion of the opponent; use large pieces like Q, K, A to catch the opponent out 2.

If the hand is not good, you should skip the turns with up to 3 players because your odds of winning are quite low.

If the hand is not good and there are many single cards, then wait for the opportunity to make these cards and keep the hand for the second or third.

Sometimes you should give up the player before you; maybe you will get many benefits such as calling cards of small value.

Tips to Play Big Two Effectively

Memorize the lesson: This is the key to helping you win when playing Big Two; you have to be entirely focused on remembering the cards that have been given. When you are new to remembering cards, you should ask the big cards first, such as 2, A, K, Q, J. Memorizing cards takes a lot of time to master.

Make quick decisions: When playing Big Two, you should call when there are 2 players together because your odds of winning the right to go are higher than in a dispute with 3.4 people.

Arrange the cards properly: The placement of the cards is very important because not doing this can ruin all other strategies. Arranging the cards properly will be easy to see and generate ideas. In the process of playing, you must know how to distribute cards, judge the opponent's remaining cards to distribute cards higher than the opponent.

Wise fighting style: If you are playing straight or small pair and no opponent calls, you should continue to hit straight and double to create confusion and destroy the opponent's strategy.

Hopefully, sharing how to play Big Two will help you get a higher win rate. As long as you do what we guide above, you will surely get good results. If you are interested, check out the latest sports betting guides at our Betmentor website.

Published: 07 April 2022 11:39