Along with technology development, many traditional folk games have been programmed as online games to serve players, including Fish Prawn Crab, also known as Hoo Hey How.
This is a highly entertaining game that can be exchanged for real rewards, bringing extremely new experiences.
In this article today, we will learn together more deeply about the online game rules and tips to play Fish Prawn Crab.

What is Fish-Prawn-Crab?

Fish-Prawn-Crab is also known as Hoo Hey How; this game originated in China and spread to other Eastern countries very early.
With its red and black nature, gambling has quickly become popular. At first, it only appears at festivals and holidays, but then it can be played at any time.
Hoo Hey How is a straightforward game with a standard set of tools including:

  • A bowl, a plate.
  • 3 dice printed with all 6 mascots on all sides.
  • 1 table/sheet of paper with 6 mascots divided into boxes including gourd, crab, shrimp, fish, chicken, deer.

Players only have one thing to bet on the mascot slots.
If, after rolling, the head of the dice matches the mascot that the player placed, that player wins the bet.
Casino or live dealers will pay the winners according to the previous agreement.
If you lose, your bet will be forfeited. Because the calculation is not too complicated, the time takes place quickly, so this game is lovely entertainment for players.

How to Play Fish-Prawn-Crab?

Online Fish-Prawn-Crab is a highly competitive game. Not players compete with each other but with reputable casinos to calculate winning and losing. This game has no limit on the number of participants.
Usually, playing Fish-Prawn-Crab is very crowded with players, so the atmosphere is also enjoyable and bustling wherever this game takes place.
The Fish-Prawn-Crab kits are mostly the same; in some places, it is possible to modify the mascots a bit as the essence of this game remains unchanged.
The specific rules of the game are as follows:

  1. Players will bet on the mascot they believe will appear after opening the bowl. The amount of money is determined by the casino game rules.
  2. The dealer will put 3 dice with enough mascots on all sides on the plate and face up the bowl. Shake well, then proceed.
  3. There is no rule about the time, the number of times to shock. This means that the dealer can shake as many times as he wants.
  4. After shaking, the plate will be placed on the table, and the dealer will open the bowl in the presence of all players.
  5. If anyone correctly predicts the mascot on the head of the dice, they will receive the bonus according to the previous agreement. Conversely, if the player guesses wrong, the player loses the entire deposit amount.

Note: In the case of bets, when all the dice heads are the same, the player who correctly predicts that dice will receive a larger prize. This winning amount will be determined by the casino.

Probability of Winning When Playing Fish-Prawn-Crab

To know the probability of winning and choose the correct direction for you, follow the in-depth analysis of the experts below.

Calculate the Probability of Winning of Fish-Prawn-Crab for Each Mascot

Although the Fish-Prawn-Crab game is a bet based entirely on randomness, we can still increase our chances of winning.
With 6 sides of the dice, the chance of being called for the mascots is the same and equals 16.67%. To increase this number, we need:

  • Memorize and choose the mascots that are being called the most.
  • The probability of continuing on that side will be higher than the other sides.
  • Combined with eliminating the side that appeared in the previous game.
  • Should you choose to play the side immediately with the mascot just called, the chances of winning will increase.

However, this method requires players to observe long and have a good playing experience.

How to Calculate the Probability of Fish Prawn Crab Mathematically

Using mathematical formulas, you can calculate the percentage occurrence of the dice and their rules. There will be a more suitable playing strategy to invest and earn profits from here.
If 3 dice are shaken simultaneously (each dice has 6 sides), then we have 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 possible cases. Including:

  • 4 x 5 x 6 = 120 cases with 3 different sides. Probability of winning = 0.
    6 cases where 3 sides are the same. The probability of winning is 0.16%.
  • There are 226 - 120 - 6 = 90 cases with 2 identical faces and 1 different side. The probability of winning is 0.33%.
  • The average casino win rate is (120*0+90*1/6+6*2/6)/216 = 7.8%.

Tips for Playing Fish Prawn Crab

Here are some effective Fish Prawn Crab strategies as follows:

  • First, remember the dice you just called. If you play online Fish Prawn Crab, go to the statistics section to review this result.
  • Choose how to play quickly. This quite flexible way is to bet back on one of the newly called sides.
  • The second way to play is to choose a side that is being called a lot to raise. However, this method is only for people with good psychology and capital.
  • Hit the doors where no one bets; usually, the more bets on a certain hand, the lower the odds of success. So playing in the mascots that few people invest in is also a pretty good way.
  • Follow someone else who is winning over and over again.
  • Prepare yourself with solid capital. Everyone knows this, but many people still make basic mistakes. It has no capital division and no planned fighting tactics.
  • Comfortable psychology will make players confident and make the most accurate decisions.
  • And finally, to win and earn money, you need to choose a reputable Fish Prawn Crab playing address.

In addition, you can also apply tips to play Fish Prawn Crab in real life!

How to Play Online Fish Prawn Crab

Playing Fish Prawn Crab online is a great alternative and creates a new trend.
Online Fish Prawn Crab is less risky legally. Players no longer spend money to move to casinos.
In addition, this approach also helps us to be more proactive in terms of time, place, and investment capital.
You just need a phone with 3G/4G to be able to participate in the online play Fish Prawn Crab, incredibly convenient, safe, and quickly redeems rewards.
To be able to participate in playing Fish Prawn Crab online, we need to perform the following steps:

  • Log in to the online casino homepage of your choice
  • Create an account according to the instructions.
  • Access to the online game Fish Prawn Crab.

At this step, you will choose a limit bet for yourself. The min and max levels are the minimum and maximum bets at the table.If you are a beginner, you should choose low bets to get used to. However, betting tables with a lot of money will be the most suitable choice for a large investment.

Fish Prawn Crab Online Game Rules

  • Most Online Fish Prawn Crab games allow players 20 seconds to place bets.
  • We will choose bets/chips according to the table limit at the bottom of the screen.
  • The next step is to click on the mascots corresponding to the boxes on the screen. We can choose from many bet boxes and different amounts of money.
  • It is also straightforward if you want to cancel the bet or change the amount. The cancel, reselect keys will help you do that easily.
  • And finally, confirm when you are sure about your choice.
  • After the system closes the bets, the dealer will open the bowl and announce the result. There will be an extra 3 seconds for players to see the results, calculate and prepare for the new bet to begin.

This is also the time for the winner to receive the bonus from the casino house. Typically, each round of crab games takes place within 30 seconds.
Therefore, you can participate in many consecutive bets for many hours in a row.
Fish Prawn Crab online betting is one of the attractive games for gamblers. When playing online, the most important thing is choosing a reputable and high-paying house to get the most advantage.
In addition, equipping yourself with easy ways to play Fish Prawn Crab from the master is also the safest investment.
Wish you have fun experiences and make money from this passion.

Published: 07 April 2022 10:27