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Kineko United States

Bad Online Betting Site 6/10
  • Easy and comprehensive signup
  • A multi-lingual website
  • Many restricted countries

Goldenbet United States

Good Online Betting Site 7/10
  • Quick registration via social account
  • Just a few restricted countries
  • The betting site does not have any mobile applications

Betfair ES United States

Very Good Online Betting Site 10/10
  • Quick registration with one step
  • Easy to navigate and clean website design
  • Many restricted countries

Versus United States

Good Online Betting Site 7/10
  • Just a few restricted countries
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android
  • Registration requires many steps

PokerStars ES United States

Good Online Betting Site 8/10
  • Easy and comprehensive signup
  • Nice and modern website
  • Lots of restricted countries

Betlive United States

Newly Established Online Betting Site 0/10

Betfair SE United States

Very Good Online Betting Site 10/10
  • Quick registration with one step
  • Easy to navigate and clean website design
  • Many restricted countries

SuperBoss United States

Good Online Betting Site 8/10

Tipico DE United States

Good Online Betting Site 6/10
  • Quick registration via social account
  • Nice and modern website
  • Website supports 2 languages

TrustDice United States

Good Online Betting Site 8/10

Apple is a name that is no stranger to technology lovers around the world. This giant has a reputation as a market leader with top-quality products spanning all walks of life. 

With the continuous development of the e-commerce market, a big brand like Apple has decided not to waste the opportunity and stay out of the game. In 2015, the company officially launched a mobile payment service and digital wallet, allowing users to securely process payments in-store or online, called Apple Pay. 

In 2019, a statistician report said that Apple Pay had more than 441 million account registrations to make various payment transactions. That shows that this method has the fastest and most impressive development process compared to its peers. Currently, this e-wallet is available in 72 countries and regions worldwide, not to mention other supported payment networks and card schemes.  

Apple Pay's Historical Development

The first ideas about Apple Pay were formed long before it was officially launched. The operator has worked with professional experts from American Express, MasterCard, and Visa for many years to plan a potential payment method and solve the problems of paying with plastic cards. However, the company wants to keep its participation in this market as secret as possible to limit competition from rivals. Therefore, it was not until Apple's iPhone 6 launch in 2014 that this payment option was officially introduced to users. 

Initially, Apple Pay only supported transactions and payment networks in the United States. However, with the trend of globalization exploding at the time, Apple CEO Tim Cook decided not to limit its growth potential by expanding Apple Pay in other regions of the world, and China was the first choice destination. 

In 2015, the company announced that users of fifteen of China's largest banks would be able to access this payment option. A year later, all people in Asia's second-most populous country were able to use Apple Pay for online and in-store payments. 

By October of the same year, Apple Pay had shown its global reach with it being integrated into the payment systems of Starbucks and KFC and gaining the attention of customers around the world. As of June 2020, this payment option has partnered with 60 countries and regions for service. That's a huge number for a payment option that was only six years old at that time.

Presently, this payment option has grown to become one of the leading payment services in the world, together with Visa, and Master Card. With the ability to provide fast, powerful, and secure service to customers who want to pay online for any type of product or service, Apple Pay has shown itself to be competitive, with more than 440 million users and a long list of supported payment cards and networks.   

Benefits Of Apple Pay As A Betting Payment Method

Apple Pay shows its effectiveness when it is applied to online betting sites. Although the number of sites that accept it is quite moderate, this payment option promises to attract future operators based on its strengths. We have compiled the list of its benefits, please check: 

List Transaction Fees

There are no additional costs if you want to do your daily payment transactions with Apple Pay. Therefore, you can be sure that this service does not cost you more than other online payment options, and the transaction cost shown on the app, if any, is the lowest you pay.

Fast and Convenience

Making transactions with Apple Pay is also quick. Usually, the money will be credited to your account immediately. Even if you require more complex transactions, such as dealing with casino operators, it never takes more than 24 hours for your transaction to be completed.

Easy Setup and Connection

With the advantage of Apple's highly unified ecosystem, it doesn't take long to sign up and set up your Apple Pay account. On some newer Apple devices, you can even have an Apple Pay account attached automatically without having to go through complicated registration procedures.

Safe and Secure

Apple Pay's security is superior and more convenient than other payment options, as it uses your device's Touch ID to keep all your personal and transactional information secure. Therefore, you do not need to worry much about the safety of this method. All your essential data will stay in the safe as long as you don't share your Apple ID with anyone.

Drawbacks Of Apple Pay As A Betting Payment Method

Although there are not many significant limitations, the drawbacks of Apple Pay are still worth mentioning so that users can consider the options that are best for them.

Exclusive to Apple Devices

Of course, you must own an Apple device, which is not cheap for most latest phone versions, to be able to use Apple Pay. That would make this payment option unavailable to half of the world using Android devices. However, the current battle between iOS and Android has more factors to consider than Apple Pay compatibility. Therefore, if you are an Android user and are looking for an online betting payment method, you still have many other good choices like Neteller or Skrill.

Complicated Terms and Conditions

While Apple never intended to include terms and conditions that were detrimental to users. The fact is, Apple updates often include a very lengthy and detailed legal document, making the fine print complexity much higher. That makes it challenging for cautious customers to carefully analyze and evaluate each section before having to agree to them in order to use Apple Pay.

Device Limitation

Apple Pay only supports mobile devices with iOS 8 and above operating systems. For computers, this number is iOS 10. That makes it possible only for devices from iPhone 6 and iPad 2 and above to use this e-wallet. 

Not Widely Accepted at Online Betting Sites

Currently, the number of betting sites that accept Apple Pay is much lower than those of Neteller, Skrill, or Mastercard. While it comes with many benefits, exclusivity with Apple devices will make this payment method unpopular with many operators and make them not interested in linking with Apple just to serve the trading needs of a small part of players. We are really looking forward to any positive improvements in the future.

Don’t Accept Withdrawal Requests From Betting Sites

Finally, the biggest downside of Apple Pay as a betting payment method is that it doesn't offer a withdrawal service. Therefore, if you have deposited using this payment method to play and win, you will have to use another payment option to convert your winnings, making your transactions much more inconvenient.

How to Use Apple Pay in an Online Betting Sites

Signing up for Apple Pay as your preferred payment option on your platform is very easy and convenient. Just follow these basic steps to be able to use this payment option to deposit and play your favorite casino games.

Step 1: You need to create your Apple Pay account and make sure there is money in your account by depositing using your local cards. Signing up for Apple Pay will vary depending on the Apple device you're using, but overall, you shouldn't have much trouble with Apple's well-organized ecosystem. 

Step 2: Go to your betting account, go to the Banking/Cashier page, and select Apple Pay as the payment method. You will then receive a confirmation email from the operator confirming you are the owner of this Apple Pay account.

Step 3: After all confirmation procedures have been completed, you just need to follow the instructions on the screen and select the appropriate amount to deposit. Then you are entirely ready to enjoy the betting site's services.

How To Choose Apple Pay Betting Sites

Finding Apple Pay betting sites is extremely easy at our site. Simply search for the keyword 'Apple Pay,' on our dedicated Payment Filter on the left-hand side. In less than 1 minute, the best Apple Pay betting sites that offer this service will appear on your screen.

Plus, if you want more detailed results, our smart filters help shorten your search. For example, let's say you are looking for an Apple Pay betting site that offers roulette games. In that case, you can use the two keywords 'Apple Pay' and 'Roulette' to filter the results more quickly.

Finally, you should always keep in mind that it is pointless to choose and play an Apple Pay site if it is not a suitable brand for you. Therefore, reading the betting site's information should always be your priority, rather than the payment methods it offers.