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We, at BetMentor, claim to be the #1 independent provider of betting site reviews. We review all online betting sites that exist in this betting industry and give them the fairest reviews that no operators can pay for. Besides, we also find and provide our visitors with the best bonuses and promotions as well as the guides and the latest piece of news.

The World’s Largest Sports Betting Review Center
As we mentioned before, we review all betting sites existing on the planet and assess their service and grant them a specific numeric rating. To ensure ethical standards and procedures for each analysis, we do not accept any sponsorship to evaluate a lousy sportsbook as an attractive platform for punters.
Fresh Free Bet Codes
Besides reviews, we also try our best to bring our visitors exclusive bonuses and promotion codes updated regularly. We want to make sure what we offer you will not find on any other platform.
Ultimate Betting Guide Source
Betting on sports will not be complicated if you know how to get the right information and knowledge in the right place. Therefore, BetMentor always offers sports betting guides from basic to complex to help punters not have too much trouble while on the road to finding luck. So you will be equipped with some fundamentals of online sports betting on our platform.
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Supporting users with betting problems is something we are always ready to help. Therefore, if you experience signs of gambling addiction or trouble while entertaining, you are always encouraged to contact BetMentor customer support.
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What Are the Main Tasks of BetMentor on a Day to Day Work?

BetMentor aims to help our visitors make informed choices online with our expert reviews, in-depth guides, and latest news. These are what we do every day:

Constantly re-checking the reviews of our top rated bookies
The BetMentor team understands that bettors expect honest reviews and analysis of all online betting sites. Therefore, we are constantly checking the reviews of the rated betting sites, especially the top rated ones. Essential factors that we review often include fairness of terms and conditions, estimated revenue, markets, odds, bonuses, payment methods, and guest service row.
Actively Looking for New Sportsbooks and Review
We are constantly reviewing the newly released betting sites, so that we can bring as wide as possible information to our visitors. Each new betting site will be marked as “ Fresh Betting Site” if we can not verify or collect its data and information.
Deal With All Top Betting Sites to Bring the Most Profitable and Exclusive Free Bets

Bonuses and Promotions is one of the critical factors that many players often pay attention to before deciding whether they should choose that betting site or not. Therefore, our staff is always hard at work dealing with betting sites to offer exclusive free bets and helping punters get the highest returns to ensure a good experience.

However, you should keep in mind that the offers we recommend will depend on your interests and the type of offer you are looking for. Usually, our experts will guide the best deals for our visitors, which means they accept players from your residence and reasonable and relevant T&Cs.

Main Tasks of BetMentor

All Sportsbooks in the World Are Reviewed and Carefully Evaluated

All information about the bookies is evaluated objectively and carefully with a lot of attached data. We will then perform a fine-tuning algorithm to calculate and rank sportsbooks fairly. Finally, depending on the reputation of each bookmaker, we will arrange them into separate lists below:

Perfect Betting Sites
The perfect betting sites are the ones we most recommend to our clients. They received the highest score on our rating scale, 10/10, with excellent performances in every factor we looked at. They are platforms with excellent reputations, reasonable odds with a wide range of markets, attractive promotions, fast payout times, and reasonable withdrawal limits.
Very Good Betting Sites
Immediately next on the list are betting sites that receive scores from 9 to 9.9/10. We rate them as very good betting sites. While not as perfect as the leading platforms, they provide a better gambling experience than most of the sites on the market and are perfectly suitable and safe for most bettors.
Good Betting Sites
Good betting sites are sites with scores from 6 to 8.9 out of 10. They are still platforms that can meet the requirements of players well, but they need to keep a few conditions and rules in mind to get the best gambling experience. In fact, the problems players often face with these bookmakers are the low monthly withdrawal limit or the wagering requirement of the bonus being higher than the norm.
Bad Betting Sites
They are sites that provide poor service quality and can negatively impact the player's experience. Usually, we will rely on operator behavior such as dubious reputation, excessive odds, slow payment times, or unfair Terms and Conditions policy to rate a betting site to this category. They receive a score of 3.5 to 5.9/10, according to our assessment.
Very Bad Betting Sites
We never recommend the platforms on this list because they carry a very high risk of scams. That is usually taken into account by us based on negative customer feedback and the operator's bad reputation in the online gambling business. The worst thing if you play at a sportsbook on this list is that you will lose your entire deposit.
Newly Established Betting Sites

A betting site that was born under three years old will be considered by us as a new betting platform. Therefore, we do not have enough data to assess and grant the normal rating of these sites accurately. In this case, we will always warn users to avoid investing too much money in these platforms without understanding them well.

Of course, over time, the newly established bookies will have certain achievements in the industry. Once there, we'll come back to update and more accurately evaluate them.

Reviewed and Carefully Evaluated

Why Should You Trust Our Ratings?

We always give lots of unbiased reviews and do not accept ads to give positive reviews to unscrupulous bookies. Here are some important factors that we guarantee why you can trust our website:

Your safety is a top priority
Customers are our biggest concern. We are committed not to lose the transparency of our rankings with the cooperation of the operators. Instead, our ultimate mission is to protect players from fraudulent platforms.
100% unbiased and honest reviews
Our experts strive to create 100% clear and independent content, meaning bookies cannot influence our opinions or research.
Local experts are featured
Reviews are not only given by our experienced industry experts but also by local testers all around the world. Because we want to be able to provide as objective betting site reviews as they get. We believe that many testers from many different countries will be able to give us their valuable feedback on the betting site from their perspectives.
Promote a responsible approach to gambling
We provide responsible gambling-related information to our customers. These can be tips for safe gambling, symptoms of gambling addiction, or ways to overcome a gambling disorder for players. See also: our Responsible Gambling article.
BetMentor support team is always ready to help users
We always treat all of our users in the most positive way and are committed to receiving the most dedicated and professional help through various approaches.

Latest user reviews of online bookmakers

• 1 months ago

PalmSlots user review

Withdrawal payouts do not happen in the time frame stated by them which is 48 hours. When making enquiries no time frames are given, you are given the run around. They say payment was made and to follow up with your bank which must approve the payment.... no payment exist to be approved when Bank is contacted.
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• 1 months ago

GlobalOdds user review

Many casino and live casino games and sportsbook good. Easy interface to play, bright black gold colours background. Cool graphics. Lots of fun. Many deposit withdraw options and easy. Also, very big welcome bonus.
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• 3 months ago

Jeffbet user review

Horrible waiting times and done over course of days. Asked for ID verification (which is normal for most sites) but was asked 2 days after withdrew money and they stated takes 3 days to verify documents. Near enough a week and that's if they accept them first round. Far too slow withdrawal process in comparison to most who don't require ID for a withdrawal. Basic slot games also, not much choice.
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• 3 months ago

Satbet user review

Worst gambling site ever never choose the site . Very unprofessional customer service delays in withdrawals always problem with server . Everyday changing the payment systems
  • Worst every sports and gambling site
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• 5 months ago

BetMcLean user review

Very poor site as withdrawals are an important part of betting and I’m am waiting 4 days now on mine. This was withdrawn on Monday and no it’s Friday. They said it been paid and on its way? The bank says they have received nothing so what are bet McLean doing. I would of had a Amazon delivery from another country in this time. Absolute ridiculous!
  • Withdrawals and poor football betting
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Colin Currie
• 5 months ago

Kwiff user review

Absolutely disgusted with them i have been using them for some time now and its been going great and to be honest they do not cover as much soccer matches as i would like but there is enough and so to me depositing and withdrawing funds which has been a breeze up until i hit a little run on where literally every team i bet on to score scored, so i withdrew a decent amount and then it starts from kwiff asking for every bit off ID possible so i can get my withdrawals authorised and in actual fact i have sent them enough ID i could literally walk into the pentagon but hey i am still allowed to deposit though eh? its farcical so as soon as my withdrawals have hit my bank i will not be using them again as basically you hit a little winning streak then they will ask for your grandmothers cats aunties pet budgies name
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Deago Smith
• 5 months ago

LeoVegas user review

There is no free Spain for income. And all those who earn income did not withdraw for some time due to late withdrawal. So the LeoVegas site is a fake site. Ingore everyone and report it on this side
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Boris Kornel
• 5 months ago

FortuneJack user review

The games load very quickly. Very quick withdrawal.
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• 5 months ago

Smarkets user review

As someone who has worked in customer service for over 30 years I am disgusted at the way this company goes about its business. 6 weeks after providing SOW documents and not once have I received any update and my account remains suspended. Luckily, I removed all money from the account in between them asking for SOW Docs and them suspending my account. If you are asked for SOW docs,withdraw immediately as a suspension will be inevitable.. No replies to emails and generic response when complaining on live chat. The faceless, uncontactable verification team are clearly too busy to speak to customers and their policy appears to be suspend accounts, ignore customer contact and eventually the disgruntled customer will give up and go away. Smarkets have no customer care whatsoever. I have had to give them 1 star in order to leave a review, but believe me if there was a minus star score I would rate them that on shocking customer service alone. Woeful company to do business with.
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Mateusz Kukuła
• 5 months ago

Rolletto user review

have found this website / casino and I use it majority of the time it has everything you need, slots table games sports bets. Deposit is really easy and withdrawals are quick and easy and receive the money at a quick speed. I recommend this website to anyone it’s easy to use fun and the customer support team is excellent. Myself will be using this website all the time
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