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Created: 07/12/2023 - 14:51
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Bonus deals and sign-up offers can be a jungle, but they don't have to be. With this guide, you can learn how to pick the best one.

Everyone has a bonus type they like the most or certain terms they just can't stand, which is fine. We are not talking now about specific deals, but rather about the bonuses in general. These guidelines are here to teach you how to find deals and vet out the bad ones.

Learn the Terms and Know What Free Means

This is something that we need to tackle first. When casinos say free, it doesn't always mean what we think it means. The term 'free' is sometimes thrown around quite generously. So, make sure you know if you actually need to deposit to get it.

The cheaper the offer is or the better it looks, the more terms and conditions it will have. There are maximum win limits, limited betting options, and high odds requirements stapled on them. Read the terms and know what you are getting.

And even though UK bookies are generally fair, every one of them is out there to make money. Getting something for truly free is not a common thing in the world of sports betting like it is on casinos. Keep your expectations realistic, and you can better enjoy the best bonuses.

Use Affiliate Sites

Affiliates are websites that send players to bookie sites and get a cut of the money they bring. A good affiliate can be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to sign-up offers.

They let you quickly compare bonuses, learn about the good and the bad of each site, and generally help you figure out if a bookie is worth it. Using an affiliate does not cost you anything, but it may unlock exclusive bonuses.

Affiliate sites like Oddschecker or SafeBettingSites are great for checking sign-up offers. Quickly being able to scan deals makes things a lot quicker.

Bojoko goes even further by providing players with filters and search tools to find the perfect bookie with the right features. For example, do you want a site with horse racing, live streams, accepts Apple Pay, offers free bets no deposit bonus and has live chat support? On Bojoko, you can search with very specific parameters.

Read the Terms

This is one thing we can't stress enough. Read the bonus rules, or at least the significant terms.

75% of all rules and bonus terms are somewhat similar across all UK bookies. The last 25%, or what are known as the significant terms, are the ones you need to read.

How much wagering does the bonus require, what is the minimum deposit to get it, what are the qualifying bets, does the offer require specific deposit methods, are there maximum withdrawal limits, how long do you have to use it and so on?

Breaking these terms means that your bonus is forfeited. The bookie will check your bets when you want to withdraw, and if they find that something isn't right, they will take it all back.

Most of the time, when people have problems with their bonuses, it's just because they did not read the rules.

Don’t Focus on the Maximum

This is more of a casino site thing, but can matter on bookies as well. Don't just stare at the maximum offer, look at what you would realistically get.

If a site offers you multiple deals that go into the hundreds, are you actually going to play with that much? If not, then the large numbers are pointless.

When you look for the best offer, look at what you want to play with and see what is the best deal for that amount. Going just for those large numbers may be detrimental.

The larger the bonus offer is, the worse terms they generally have. If you go for the large maximum and only use a portion of it, you still need to adhere to the same terms as those who use all of it.

Don’t Settle, Shop Around

There are tons of bookies in the UK. Sure, some are more famous than others, and some have been in the business for longer. With the strict regulation in place, you can easily shop around and find good online bookies. Bojoko’s Chris Ødegarden recently said they’ve seen an uptick with new UK brands coming to the market in 2023.

Don't just settle for the one bookie just because you've known them for a long time. Look at what others have, compare the deals, see what markets are available on each site and collect a list of potential sites you could bet on.

You don't need to go for all of them at once, just know that when you've played on one for a while, there is a next site to visit down the line.

The best bonuses are always reserved for new players. When you've used one new player deal, join a new site and take their offer next.

Final Thoughts

If you want the best, you just have to keep your eyes open and stay on the move. The biggest hurdle people always have is their own complacency. If you just stay on one bookie, you will never get the best bonuses.

Use the tools that are available, and you'll quickly become a pro. Bonuses aren't difficult, they just seem that way if you aren't paying attention. Look around, check the terms, and you'll see how easy it is to find better bonuses.

Published: 07 December 2023 14:51
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