A double bet calculator is a tool that helps you determine the potential payout and profit from a double bet, which is a type of multiple bet where you combine two individual bets into a single wager. This free bet calculator typically requires you to input the odds for each of the two bets and the amount you wish to stake. It then calculates your potential returns if both bets are successful, including your total winnings and profit.

Using a double bet calculator can be helpful for bettors who want to understand the potential outcomes of combining two bets, as it allows you to assess the risk and reward of your wager more easily. It's commonly used in sports betting and other forms of gambling where multiple bets are popular.

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1. How to Use Betmentor’s Double Bet Calculator?

Calculating double bets using our Double Bet Calculator is a straightforward process. Follow these detailed steps to get your results:

1. Select ODDS TYPE: Begin by choosing the odds type that corresponds to your betting preference, whether it's fractional, decimal, or any other format.

2. Enter Your Stake Amount: Input the amount of money you want to wager on your double bet.

3. Choose "CONDITIONS": This step provides options for special conditions that may apply to your bet:

  • EACH WAY: If you want to place an each-way double bet.
  • RULE4: Check this option if any Rule 4 deductions apply.
  • DEAD HEAT: Select this if your bet results in a dead heat.

4. Input ODDS: Fill in the odds for your two selections in the corresponding value fields.

5. Select WIN/PLACE: Choose from these options:

  • Win: If both of your selections must win to generate a return.
  • Lose: If you want to calculate the return when one or both of your selections lose.
  • Void/NR (Non-Runner): This option is for handling situations when one of your selections becomes a non-runner.

6. Calculate Your Double Bet: After entering all the necessary information, our calculator will instantly compute and display your potential returns. This quick and efficient tool helps you make informed betting decisions with ease.

With our Double Bet Calculator, you can explore different scenarios and possibilities for your double bets, ensuring you're well-prepared for your wagering strategy.


Here's a practical example of how to use the Double Bet Calculator for a horse racing double bet:

Suppose you're placing a £10 double bet on two horses in two separate races:

  1. Select ODDS TYPE: You prefer fractional odds, so you choose "Fractional" as the odds type.
  2. Enter Your Stake Amount: You're betting £10 on this double.
  3. Choose "CONDITIONS": In this example, you don't have any special conditions, so you leave this section as is.
  4. Input ODDS: For the first selection, the odds are 5/1, and for the second selection, the odds are 3/2. You enter these odds in the respective value fields.
  5. Select WIN/PLACE: You choose "Win" because you want both of your selections to win for your double bet to succeed.
  6. Calculate Your Double Bet: After you've filled in all the necessary information, the Double Bet Calculator will compute the potential returns for your bet. In this case, the calculator shows that if both of your selections win, you would receive a return of £80 (£10 stake x 5/1 odds x 3/2 odds).

Using the Double Bet Calculator simplifies the process of determining potential payouts for your double bets, helping you make more informed betting decisions.

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3. FAQs

Q1: What types of odds can I input into the calculator?

Most Double Bet Calculators accept various odds formats, including fractional, decimal, and moneyline odds. You should select the odds type that matches the format provided by your bookmaker.

Q2: What are the special conditions in the calculator for?

Special conditions, such as "Each Way," "Rule4," and "Dead Heat," account for unique circumstances in your bet. "Each Way" is used for each-way bets, "Rule4" handles Rule 4 deductions, and "Dead Heat" addresses tied results.

Q3: Can I use the Double Bet Calculator for other multiple bets, like trebles or accumulators?

No, a Double Bet Calculator is specifically designed for double bets. For other types of multiple bets, you would need different calculators, such as a Treble Bet Calculator or an Accumulator Bet Calculator.

Q4: What do the "Win," "Lose," and "Void/NR" options mean in the calculator?

These options determine the outcome you want to calculate. "Win" calculates returns when both selections win. "Lose" helps you see what happens if one or both selections lose. "Void/NR" is used when one of your selections becomes a non-runner.

Q5: How can a Double Bet Calculator benefit my betting strategy?

A Double Bet Calculator allows you to explore different scenarios and understand potential returns, helping you make more informed decisions when placing double bets. It's a valuable tool for managing your bankroll and maximizing your betting strategy.

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