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A fivefold bet is a type of sports wager where you choose five different outcomes, and all five must be correct for you to win the bet. It offers the potential for higher returns but is more challenging to win than single bets. Fivefold bets are popular in various sports and can include selections from different events or matches.

To enhance your understanding of the potential payouts and sharpen your betting strategy, our Fivefold Bet Calculator is your indispensable companion. This intuitive tool simplifies complex calculations, allowing you to make informed choices with confidence. 

How Does the Fivefold Bet Calculator Work?

The Fivefold Bet Calculator is a useful tool for bettors looking to calculate potential returns for fivefold bets. A fivefold is a multiple bet that involves five selections, and it combines them into a single wager. To understand how the Fivefold Bet Calculator works, follow these steps:

  • Enter Your Stake Amount: Start by inputting the amount you wish to wager on your fivefold bet.
  • Input the Odds: For each of your five selections, enter their respective odds.
  • Calculate: After entering your stake amount and the odds for your five selections, the Fivefold Bet Calculator will automatically compute the potential returns for your bet. It will provide the total return, including both your original stake and your profit if your selections are successful.

The primary advantage of using the Fivefold Bet Calculator is that it quickly and accurately provides you with the potential payout for a fivefold bet.

How to Use Betmentor’s Fivefold Calculator?

Calculating a fivefold bet using an odds calculator is easy:

  1. Select ODDS TYPE: Choose your odds format (fractional or decimal).
  2. Enter Stake: Input your wager amount.
  3. Choose "CONDITIONS": Select options like EACH WAY, RULE4, DEAD HEAT if applicable.
  4. Input ODDS: Enter odds for your five selections.
  5. Select WIN/PLACE: Choose Win, Lose, or Void/NR based on the outcome you want to calculate.
  6. Get Results: The calculator instantly shows potential payouts. Explore your betting strategy with ease.


Let's say you're placing a fivefold bet on football matches with the following selections:

  • Manchester United to win with odds of 2.00.
  • Chelsea to win with odds of 1.80.
  • Liverpool to win with odds of 1.70.
  • Barcelona to win with odds of 2.20.
  • Real Madrid to win with odds of 1.90.

Step 1: Select ODDS TYPE

In our example, we'll use decimal odds, which is the most common format.

Step 2: Enter Stake Amount

You decide to wager £10 on this fivefold bet.

Step 3: Choose "CONDITIONS"

Since this is a standard bet with no special conditions, you don't select any options.

Step 4: Input ODDS

Enter the odds for your five selections:

  • Manchester United: 2.00
  • Chelsea: 1.80
  • Liverpool: 1.70
  • Barcelona: 2.20
  • Real Madrid: 1.90

Step 5: Select WIN/PLACE

You choose "Win" because you want all five selections to win for your bet to be successful.

Step 6: Calculate Your Fivefold Bet

After inputting all the information, the Odds Calculator will instantly compute the potential returns. In this case, the calculator shows that if all five of your selections win, you would receive a total return of £558 (£10 stake x 2.00 x 1.80 x 1.70 x 2.20 x 1.90).

By using an odds calculator, you can quickly assess the potential returns for your fivefold bet and make informed betting decisions. This tool is essential for managing your betting strategy effectively and exploring different betting scenarios.

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The Fivefold Bet Calculator is a handy tool for bettors aiming to maximize their potential returns on complex wagers. With its user-friendly design and rapid calculations, it simplifies the process of estimating profits from fivefold bets. Use it responsibly to manage your bankroll effectively and boost your sports betting experience.

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Created: 10/10/2023
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