An Each Way Calculator is a tool used in sports betting, primarily in horse racing and golf, to help bettors determine their potential payouts and risks when placing each way bets. This free bet calculator is a common practice in these sports, and it essentially involves placing two bets on the same selection: one bet on the selection to win (usually referred to as the "win" bet) and another bet on the same selection to finish in a top position (usually referred to as the "place" bet).

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Betmentor's each way calculators make it easier for bettors to understand their potential returns and make informed betting decisions. They are especially useful when dealing with more complex bets with multiple selections and various each way fractions. 

1. How Does an Each Way Bet Calculator Work?

An each way bet calculator works by taking the key parameters of your bet, including the stake, odds, number of places, and each way fraction, and then uses this information to calculate your potential returns and payouts for both the "win" and "place" parts of the bet. 

Once you have entered all these details, the each-way betting odds calculator will instantly calculate:

1. It calculates the potential return for the "win" part of the bet. This is simply the stake multiplied by the win odds.

2. It calculates the potential return for the "place" part of the bet. This involves two calculations:

  • It determines the place portion of the original odds (e.g., 1/4 of the original odds) and multiplies it by the stake to get the place part of the return
  • It calculates the overall place return by adding the place part of the return to the original stake (which is returned in the place bet as well).

3. It calculates the total return, which is the sum of the win return and place return.

4. It calculates the potential profit or loss by subtracting the total stake (the sum of the win and place stakes) from the total return.

The betting odds calculator provides you with a clear breakdown of your potential returns and helps you make an informed decision about your each way bet. It's particularly useful for assessing the risk and reward of these bets, especially when dealing with different odds, each way fractions, and numbers of places.

2. How to Use Betmentor’s Bet Calculator?

Follow these simple steps to get started and maximize your chances of winning:

  1. Odds Type Selection: Start by choosing your odds format, including Decimal or Fractional.
  2. Enter Your Stake: Input the amount you want to bet in the "Stake" field.
  3. Rule 4 (Optional): If needed, check the "Rule 4" box to account for deductions due to horse withdrawals.
  4. Input Odds: Enter the odds for your chosen event or horse.
  5. Place Odds: Specify place terms, considering the number of places offered.
  6. Win/Place Outcome: Select "Win," "Lose," or "Void/NR" based on the bet's result.
  7. Instant Results: The calculator will display your potential returns instantly.

With these steps, you can efficiently use the EW Bet Calculator to assess your bet's potential outcomes and make more informed betting decisions.

Example: You want to place an each-way bet on a horse race with the following details:

  • Odds Type: Decimal
  • Stake: $50
  • Rule 4: Not applicable in this case
  • Odds: 4.5 (for the horse you're betting on)
  • Place Odds: 1/4 (bookmaker offers 1/4 odds for the first 2 places)
  • Win/Place Outcome: "Win"

Step 1: Odds Type Selection

  • Choose "Decimal" because the odds are represented in decimal format.

Step 2: Enter Your Stake

  • Input your stake, which is $50 in this example.

Step 3: Rule 4 (Optional)

  • Leave the "Rule 4" option unchecked since it doesn't apply here.

Step 4: Input Odds

  • Enter the odds for your selected horse, which are 4.5.

Step 5: Place Odds

  • Specify the place terms based on the bookmaker's offer, which is 1/4 for the first 2 places.

Step 6: Win/Place Outcome

  • In this case, you believe your horse will win, so you select "Win."

Step 7: Instant Results

  • The Each Way Bet Calculator will instantly display your potential returns based on the information provided.

In this example, after completing the steps, the sports betting calculator might show that if your horse wins, you would receive a return of $318.75 (your initial stake plus winnings). However, if your horse finishes in one of the first two places but doesn't win, you might receive a smaller return, depending on the odds and the place terms.

3. Also See: Explore More Bet Types

Dive deeper into the world of sports betting by exploring a variety of bet types beyond the basics:

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The Each Way Bet Calculator is a practical tool that empowers bettors to make well-informed choices by quickly assessing potential returns. It's a valuable asset for both casual and experienced gamblers, helping maximize their chances of success in sports betting.

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Created: 28/10/2023
Last updated: 28/10/2023
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