Goliath Bet Calculator is a tool that aids bettors in calculating potential returns for Goliath bets, which are complex multiple bets involving eight selections. Goliath bets are often used in horse racing and other sports betting contexts, where bettors want to cover a wide range of possible combinations of outcomes. The free bet calculator simplifies the process of determining the potential payout for such a bet.

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1. How Does A Goliath Bet Calculator Work?

The Goliath Bet Calculator or 7-horse bet calculator streamlines the process of calculating potential returns for complex Goliath bets, which involve eight selections and 247 individual wagers. You can choose your preferred odds format, input your stake amount, add your selections and their corresponding odds, and with a simple click, the calculator computes potential returns for all bets.

This betting odds calculator simplifies the complexities of Goliath bets, making it easy for both experienced and novice bettors to understand the possible outcomes and manage their bankrolls effectively.

2. How to Use Betmentor’s Goliath Bet Calculator?

The 7-horse bet calculator simplifies the intricate process of handling Goliath bets, which encompass eight selections and a staggering 247 individual wagers. Here's a brief Goliath bet explained:

  1. Select Your Odds Type: Choose between Decimal and Fractional odds for precise calculations.
  2. Input Your Stake: Enter your total wager amount.
  3. Consider Special Conditions: If needed, select from options like EACH WAY, RULE4, or DEAD HEAT, tailored to your bets.
  4. Add Selections and Odds: Enter the event, selection, and their respective odds for all eight selections. The calculator seamlessly manages the complexity of 247 bets.
  5. Choose Expected Outcomes: Indicate whether each selection is expected to win, lose, or be a non-runner (Void/NR).
  6. Calculate Your Goliath Bet: With all the details in place, the Goliath Bet Calculator unveils potential returns for all 247 bets, bringing clarity and precision to this multifaceted wager.

For example:

Let's dive into a practical example to see how the Goliath calculator simplifies the complex world of Goliath bets. Meet Sarah, an avid horse racing enthusiast, who's eager to place a Goliath bet on the upcoming races.

Step 1: Select Your Odds Type

Sarah opts for Decimal odds to ensure precise calculations.

Step 2: Input Your Stake

She decides to wager $5 on her Goliath bet.

Step 3: Consider Special Conditions

There are no specific conditions to apply in this scenario, so Sarah proceeds without selecting any.

Step 4: Add Selections and Odds

Sarah enters each of her eight selections along with their corresponding odds:

  • Race 1: Horse A to win - Odds: 2.50
  • Race 2: Horse B to win - Odds: 1.80
  • Race 3: Horse C to win - Odds: 2.20
  • Race 4: Horse D to win - Odds: 2.80
  • Race 5: Horse E to win - Odds: 3.00
  • Race 6: Horse F to win - Odds: 2.60
  • Race 7: Horse G to win - Odds: 2.40
  • Race 8: Horse H to win - Odds: 2.90
  • Step 5: Choose Expected Outcomes

Sarah expects all horses to win, so she selects "Win" for each selection.

Step 6: Calculate Your Goliath Bet

After entering all the details needed, the Goliath Bet Calculator instantly provides her with the potential returns. It displays a total return of $113,666.07, including her initial $5 stake and a profit of $112,431.07.

With the Goliath calculator, Sarah gains a clear understanding of the potential outcomes of her extensive multi-selection wager, making it easier to manage her bankroll and make well-informed betting decisions. Whether it's horse racing, soccer, or any other sporting event, this free bet calculator is her trusted companion in the world of sports betting.

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The Goliath Bet Calculator is your gateway to conquering the complexities of Goliath bets, a wager involving eight selections and 247 individual bets. This powerful betting odds calculator simplifies the calculations, providing clarity and precision for both seasoned bettors and newcomers to the world of sports betting. 

With the Goliath Bet Calculator at your fingertips, you can make well-informed decisions, manage your bankroll effectively, and embark on a thrilling journey of potential profits and sporting excitement.

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Created: 12/10/2023
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