A Patent Bet Calculator is a specialized tool designed to assist bettors in calculating potential returns for a Patent bet. A Patent bet is a form of multiple bet that includes seven wagers based on three selections. These seven wagers consist of three singles, three doubles, and one treble, offering multiple opportunities to win.

The primary purpose of our free bet calculator is to simplify the often intricate calculations associated with Patent bets. Streamlining the calculations, helps bettors make informed decisions, manage their bankroll effectively, and explore different betting scenarios, all while ensuring accuracy and precision in the calculations.

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1. How Does the Patent Bet Calculator Work?

The Patent Bet Calculator, also known as a sports odds calculator, is a valuable tool that simplifies the intricate calculations associated with Patent bets. A Patent bet is a form of multiple bet that includes three selections, resulting in seven wagers: three singles, three doubles, and one treble. 

Begin by inputting the amount you intend to wager on your Patent bet. This is your stake, which can be customized according to your betting preferences. For each of your three selections, enter the respective odds. 

After providing your stake amount and the odds for your selections, the Patent Bet Calculator takes over. It performs a series of intricate calculations, accounting for the singles, doubles, and treble within the Patent bet.

The result? The betting odds calculator displays your potential returns, encompassing both your original stake and your profit if all selections turn out successful. It breaks down the returns, outlining how they are distributed across the singles, doubles, and treble components of the bet.

2. How to Use Betmentor’s Patent Bet Calculator

Calculating Patent bets with the Patent Bet Calculator is straightforward. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Choose ODDS TYPE: Select Decimal or Fractional for precise calculations.
  2. Enter Your Stake Amount: Input your wager.
  3. Set "CONDITIONS": Choose options like EACH WAY, RULE4, or DEAD HEAT, if applicable.
  4. Input ODDS: Enter odds for your three selections.
  5. Choose WIN/PLACE: Select Win, Lose, or Void/NR for each selection.
  6. Calculate: The odds payout calculator instantly shows your potential returns, including singles, doubles, and treble.

Effortlessly manage your Patent bets and make informed decisions.

For example:

To illustrate how the Patent Bet Calculator works in a real-life scenario, let's consider a horse racing enthusiast who wants to place a Patent bet. This bet comprises three selections: Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C. 

Our bettor believes that all three horses will perform well in their respective races and decides to place a £50 stake on the Patent bet.

Step 1: Choose ODDS TYPE

Our bettor opts for Decimal odds for precise calculations.

Step 2: Enter Your Stake Amount

The bettor inputs the £50 stake they wish to wager on the Patent bet.

Step 3: Set "CONDITIONS"

As there are no specific conditions, this section remains unchanged.

Step 4: Input ODDS

For each horse, the bettor enters the respective decimal odds:

  • Horse A: 3.00
  • Horse B: 2.50
  • Horse C: 2.75

Step 5: Choose WIN/PLACE

The bettor selects "Win" for each selection, as the expectation is that all three horses will win their races.

Step 6: Calculate Your Patent Bet

After providing all the necessary details, the Patent Bet Calculator springs into action. It instantly calculates the potential returns for the Patent bet, taking into account the singles, doubles, and the treble.

In this example, if all three horses succeed in their races, the betting odds calculator will display a potential return of £2,575.00. This figure includes the initial £50 stake and a profit of £2,225.00.

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Created: 10/10/2023
Last updated: 24/10/2023
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