The backdoor cover is a well-known and essential aspect of sports betting. This betting strategy only applies to the underdogs, and it involves seeing if they can cover the spread points before the match ends. It's thrilling to see your bet creep through the back door in the last seconds of a game, but losing via the backdoor cover is one of the most painful experiences in sports betting.

In today's article, we will introduce you to the backdoor cover definition, how it works, and detailed examples related to you to better understand this popular betting strategy.

What is a Backdoor Cover? Detailed Examples.

A backdoor cover occurs when a team scores "meaningless" points late in a game to cover the spread. When we say "meaningless," we mean that the late points that the underdog scores don't really alter the outright winner of the game. These scores only make sense to those who bet on the underdog, as it helps them cover the oddsmakers' spread and help them win.

Backdoor covers are most prevalent with underdogs, although they can occur with favorites as well and are often referred to as "frontdoor covers" by some.

A detailed example: Say you've bet the Nuggets at +8 against the Warriors in the NBA (point spread betting), and the Nuggets are losing 90-80. Theoretically, the Nuggets need to score another 11 points and not let the opponent score anymore to win the game. However, you only need the Nuggets to score 3 more points and not let your opponent score to win your bet. If that happens, the final score will be 90-83, and the Nuggets will cover the spread (down 7 with a spread of +8).

As you can see, if the Nuggets really do that (scoring 3 more points and not letting the opponent score anymore), they are still the overall losers. However, those who bet on them will feel extremely excited when the team covers the spread and helps them win their bets. That's when the Nuggets' bettors won their backdoor cover bet.

How Does a Backdoor Cover Occur?

To cover the spread through the backdoor, a team must score late in the game. It doesn't matter if those scores can help them even out the score or even win the favorite, but what matters is that the points scored must switch the team from not covering the spread to subsequently covering it.

For example, suppose an NHL game has a twelve-point spread, and the favorite is leading by 15 points with 60 seconds remaining. Finally, the underdog scores 5 points more to narrow the margin to ten points. Although that doesn't help the underdog in terms of results, it does imply the underdog squeezes through the backdoor for a backdoor cover and helps those who bet on them achieve their ultimate goal, winning the bet.

How Does a Backdoor Cover Occur?
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A Backdoor Cover Only Applies to Underdogs

The expression "backdoor" denotes that the team is the underdog and is slipping in a cover. Therefore, this betting strategy is only for the underdog. On the opposite side, the same betting strategy is applied to the favorite known as frontdoor cover.

A frontdoor cover occurs when the favorite does the same thing, that is, scoring meaningless late points to cover the spread without affecting the game's outcome. For example, if the Warriors are leading the Nuggets by 90-85 at 7-point favorites and they score 3 points at the very final seconds of the game, the result will be 93-87, and the Warriors successfully cover the frontdoor spread.

Should a Sports Betting Beginner Bet With Backdoor Cover?

The backdoor cover is quite a popular betting strategy in sports betting; therefore, it is suitable for all types of bettors, including the newcomers. However, it is a quite intense betting strategy and can push your emotions to the climax, when the winning or losing bet will mostly be decided only in the last seconds of the match.

Therefore, choosing this bet, or in other words, cheering on the underdog for the duration of the match, can be an extremely stressful experience if you are not a fan of the underdog. The reason is that the favorite will often lead the way throughout the game, and the team you support will have less chance of scoring many consecutive points to give you peace of mind.

So, if you want to use this betting strategy, make sure you have a strong mentality. Backdoor covers are generally referred to as "terrible beats" if you are losing but are exhilarating if you win.


Today's article has summed up everything you need to know about backdoor covers in sports betting. It is a popular form of betting, but beginners should consider it carefully before adopting this strategy because of the stress it brings most of the time. Also, if you have questions about any topic in the world of sports betting, our website offers detailed how-to articles to enhance your perspective.

Published: 04 July 2022 09:59