What is a Push in Betting?

If you are a person interested in sports betting, the concept of "push" is no longer unfamiliar to you. If in sports there is a concept of a tie, then in sports betting terminology, a push is what happens when the bookmaker and the bettor do not win or lose. More specifically, a push, or a tie, occurs when a point spread or total in a game hits precisely the number you bet. 

For example:  let's say you bet Liverpool can beat Man Utd with a -1 goal handicap, and the match will have more than three goals. If Liverpool wins 2-1, both your bets will end in a draw. You bet Liverpool would win by handicapping a goal over the opponent, and they did exactly that. At the same time, you also bet on whether the total number of goals of the two teams is over three and they have scored exactly three goals. In this case, you will tie with the bookmaker on both bets. 

What Happens When a Push Happens?

With that said, a push is a situation where neither you nor the sportsbook win. As a result, bettors will be refunded their entire wager by the operator as if no bet had been made in the first place.

However, that is not true for all bets. We are talking about the computational complexity of a push for parlay and teaser bets. More specifically, sportsbooks will have different rules on calculating a player's winnings if their bet ends up in a tie. Therefore, if you regularly place parlays or teaser bets, refer to those rules and understand how pushing will affect your bets.

What Happens When a Push Happens?
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What Do You Get Out of a Push?

Of course, having a push happen can disappoint bettors, who always expect a win. No one wants to spend hours and hours watching a sporting event in the hopes of making a few extra dollars, only to have the match end in a draw and nothing to do with the bets. Therefore, it is understandable if you are wondering if there is a way to avoid push cases, and the answer is yes.

To break the even structure of a tie in sports, operators have adopted half points, also known as a hook. For example, in football, where the number of goals is determined by an integer, a draw is impossible if a team handicaps the opponent by 0.5 goals. Assuming Man City handicaps Arsenal by 0.5 goals and the match ends with Man City winning 1-0, those who bet on Man City are still determined to win the bet with a score of 1-0,5.

Although a push is quite common in football, in major sports like basketball, baseball, or hockey, a push is quite rare. For instance, there was only one draw throughout the last NFL season. Therefore, if you regularly bet on these sports, you don't need to worry about how often a push will happen with your bet.

How a push effect your bet?
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Do You Pay Juice on a Push?

Your bet will be refunded in full for most sportsbooks if a push occurs. Even so, you may still have to pay a small amount if you play at less transparent operators. Therefore, it is important that you know every section of the T&Cs portfolio to understand how the sportsbook will handle your bets in all circumstances before playing for real money.

What Happens If One Leg of a Parlay Pushes?

Although quite rare, it can still happen. For example, imagine you place a 4-team parlay bet to win at 10/1, but in the end, only 3 of the 4 teams win, and the other team is a push.

Most sportsbooks have a similar approach to solve this problem, they will simply remove any tie matches from the parlay bet, and they will pay out the parlay as if it were a smaller parlay with one fewer leg. Therefore, a four-team parlay with three winners and one push will have the same value as a three-win parlay. Going back to the example above, you won't enjoy 10/1 odds, which only happens if all four teams win. So instead, your odds are adjusted to 5/1, where the three-team parlay will win.

Can You Push an Over UnderBet?

Of course, a tie is entirely possible for Over/Under bettors, as long as half points are not included in your bet slip. For example, if you bet on the Chelsea team to score more than two goals, and they actually score exactly two goals, you will tie with the bookie. However, if the operator offers Chelsea Over/Under 1.5 goals, you can only win or lose your bet.


This article has briefly explained the definition of a push in sports betting and how it affects your bets in specific situations. If you have any questions about any topic in the betting world, we provide in-depth articles on our homepage for your reference. Visit CasinoMentor now to increase your knowledge and gain better profits from sports betting.

Published: 01 July 2022 10:50