The Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event of the year for football fans, is held on the second Sunday of February each year and brings together the best teams in this sport. In the most recent final, Super Bowl LVI held on February 12, 2022, the Los Angeles Rams overcame the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 and won the championship.

This annual event attracts not only the attention of spectators around the world but also bettors looking to profit from this special event. The last match saw legal betting records broken by its massive betting flow. So, right now, sportsbooks have begun to prepare for the event that is taking place next year, and we can expect the same to happen when the attraction of this once-in-a-year match still shows no signs of cooling down. 

In today's post, we will show you how to bet on the Super Bowl. The next game is scheduled to be held on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ. Hopefully, with the information mentioned in the article, you will improve your understanding of the betting options in this top football match and maybe look for a legal and prestige to bet. So, let's get started now.

how to bet on the Super Bowl
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How to Bet on the 2023 Super Bowl Online

For players who prefer to place their bets at retail sportsbooks, they will have an authentic and memorable experience. However, we cannot deny the convenience of placing bets online through the betting operator's website or via mobile apps. If you are one of them, you can choose from the top platforms we are about to introduce to expect an easy and fast Super Bowl betting experience. 

FanDuel Sportsbook

The advantage of this platform is its user-friendliness and visual appeal. In addition, its homepage is rated as easy to navigate, and all its main functions work well.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is the first name we want to mention. The platform has consistently received positive reviews from the community for its service. Spectators who watch and want to bet on NFL games will easily find in-match betting options before it even starts and the props that go with the match. 

BetMGM Sportsbook

This legitimate brand performs well both with online and mobile services. Since its inception, it has always been a favorite destination for those who love to bet on rugby. You can find many different types of bets and a variety of props when you visit their website. 

BetRivers Sportsbook

Another reputable name that also stands out for its user-friendliness is BetRivers. With beautiful graphics, quick navigation, and a well-organized and neatly laid out system of betting options, it's not surprising that it won the favor of many gamblers. In addition, the platform offers a generous loyalty program for its customers. 

PointsBet Sportsbooks

PointsBet is a brand that launched in January 2019. Since then, the company has been making a splash with its quality of service and great interface. That allows the operator to expand the scope of his business continuously. Besides, the PointsBetting feature they created has made an impressive impression on NFL bettors.

Above are the top online sportsbooks on our list. Regardless of your choice, always prioritize transparent and legal platforms for your safety. 

Rules and Regulations for Super Bowl Betting 

In general, different jurisdictions will set their own rules for betting on specific matches. That leads to there being differences and similarities between jurisdictions in setting limits that bettors cannot cross. For example, each country has a legal age for betting, but every location in the world prohibits team- and league-affiliated personnel from betting on their own matches.

super bowl rules and regulations
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The same goes for the online betting market. You will easily find uniformity in internal rules across the industry, but some platforms will introduce rather strange regulations. Even so, it is not the principal point of this article. Next, we will learn about the most general rules and regulations for betting on a Super Bowl game. 

  • All wagers are settled based on official league data and statistics.
  • For player prop markets, sportsbooks will remove wagers for athletes that do not join the game before kickoff from the board.

The prop markets are a unique aspect of Super Bowl games. These types of bets are geared towards events surrounding the match. For example, you can bet on which player will become the MVP of the match or which team will take possession of the ball first. We will analyze this market more closely below. 

How to Bet on the Super Bowl

As soon as the two teams that have won tickets to the Super Bowl are announced, the sportsbooks will quickly give the odds for the game. For football betting, Moneylines, Spread Points, and Total are the three simplest bet types and are most interested in gamblers. We'll take an example from the last Super Bowl and explain to you in detail how they work. The list will look something like this.

  Moneylines Points Spread  Total
Los Angeles Rams -110 -3.5 (-105) Under 58 (-105)
Cincinnati Bengals +105 +3.5 (-105) Over 58 (-105)


This bet type is one of the basic and most popular of rugby. You win the bet if you correctly predict the team that will win the match. 

Usually, before the match starts, the sportsbook will assess the situation of the two teams and select the favorite team, marked by a "+" sign and the team with a higher chance of winning, and the underdog team, marked with a "-" and is the team with less chance of winning. Additionally, the numbers represent the odds for each team. If you bet on the Los Angeles Rams and win, the number 110 means you will get a $110 bonus for the $100 you bet. Similarly, if you bet on Cincinnati Bengals and win, you will profit $105 for $100 of your initial capital. 

Of course, the profit will be more significant if you bet on the underdog. However, you will have less chance of winning the bet. So, consider every possibility to make the most informed betting decision. 

Points Spread 

This type of bet will make the audience feel more intense every time the two teams score. You will bet on the difference in points between the two teams at the end of the match. In other words, you don't choose who will win the game, but what scroe they will win.

Based on the above example, those who bet on Los Angeles Rams will win the bet when this team wins the opponent by 4 points or more. Conversely, those who bet on Cincinnati Bengals will win the bet when this team loses to the opponent by less than 4 points at the end of the match. 


This bet category is easy to understand. You will predict whether the total number of points scored by the two teams at the end of the match is less or more than the number estimated by the sportsbook. As an example, the estimated number is 58 points. If you think the total of the two teams' points is more than this number, you will bet on Over. Conversely, if you do not believe this match has more than 58 points, your choice will be Under. 

In some cases, the odds for this form do not include decimals (.5). So, in case the total score of the match is exactly 58, the betting result will be counted as Draw, and the sportsbook will refund your bet.

All three types of bets will add a dramatic atmosphere to the Super Bowl. They are great ways to approach and enjoy the game the traditional way. Even so, they are not the only options on the betting menu. Next, we'll introduce the prop markets, which entertain bettors with strange and unique betting options. 

Props markets

This market is for those who expect to profit from side events rather than in-play ones. For example, you can bet on the outcome of the coin toss, the color of the Gatorade used to bathe the winning team, the length of time the National Anthem will be sung, what song will be played, or what the performers will wear during the Mid-event show. They are all for entertainment purposes, and there is no limit to the selection of events to bet on. 

In addition to the fun props, serious followers can also try their hand at some of the betting options in this market. For example, you can bet on which player will be named the MVP of the match or which player will score the final score. 

How to Bet on a Super Bowl Future

As soon as the current Super Bowl is over, you can already conduct future bets on the next Super Bowl, even though it won't happen until next year. You'll find odds for all 32 teams, from the top favorites to the league's weaker teams.  

Because there are so many possibilities, the odds of winning on future bets will be very low. However, they come with very impressive payouts. So, if you have a lot of money to bet and want to try your luck in the long-term perspective with appealing odds, futures bets are a good option to try.  


In this article, we have compiled the most basic knowledge about betting in the Super Bowl match, the prestigious sporting event held every year. We hope that the article will be useful to you as a reference if you intend to join the game before the next Super Bowl.

Published: 18 May 2022 16:11