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Over/Under 0.5 Goals is a wager on whether a soccer match will have at least one goal (Over) or none (Under). Bet on over 0.5 goals if one or more goals are scored. Anh under 0.5 goals: You win if the match ends 0-0 or with no goals.

What Does Over Under 0.5 Mean?

Over/Under 0.5 Goals is a simple sports betting market where you predict

With experience in betting on more than 1,000 different football matches over the past 5 years, I can explain the meaning of over/under 0.5. If you're betting over or under 0.5, it simply means that a particular event needs to occur at least once. 

For instance, 'Aaron Judge over 0.5 home runs' means he needs to hit a home run. On the other hand, 'Chelsea under 0.5 goals in an EPL match' means they need to score 0 goals for you to win.

And to understand this bet in more detail, below is a detailed explanation of the over/under 0.5 meaning and related examples.

Meaning and Example of Over 0.5

Over 0.5 goals in sports betting refers to a wager on at least one goal being scored in a match. If one or more goals occur, the bet wins; if the match ends with no goals, the bet loses. This bet applies to the regular 90 minutes of play, excluding extra time.


Imagine you've been following the recent form of both teams. Southampton has been performing well in their recent matches, displaying an attacking style of play, while Wolverhampton Wanderers have also shown prowess in finding the back of the net consistently.

You decide to place a bet on "Over 0.5 goals" for this specific match. Here are a few potential outcomes and how your bet would fare:

  • Southampton 1-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers: In this scenario, Southampton scores a goal. Despite the final score being 1-0, your bet on "Over 0.5 goals" wins because at least one goal was scored during the match, meeting the criteria of your bet.
  • Southampton 0-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers: Here, Wolves manage to score a goal. Again, even though the match ends with a 0-1 scoreline, your bet is successful because at least one goal was scored during the game.
  • Southampton 1-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers: In this case, both teams score a goal each. Your bet on "Over 0.5 goals" is victorious as there were two goals scored in total during the match.

Meaning and Example of Under 0.5

Meaning and Example of Under 0.5

Under 0.5 goals betting predicts that a match will have no goals or just one goal. If the game ends 0-0, you win; if any team scores, you lose. This bet covers the 90 minutes of regular play and stoppage time but doesn't include extra time. 

It's for those expecting a tight defensive game and requires analysis of teams' defensive strengths and playing styles. It's a high-risk, high-reward bet, offering excitement for those anticipating low-scoring matches.


You're analyzing a match between Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan, two teams known for their strong defensive strategies. Considering their defensive prowess and the nature of the game, you decide to place a bet on "Under 0.5 goals" for this particular fixture.

The potential outcomes are:

  • Atletico Madrid 0-0 Inter Milan: In this scenario, the match ends in a goalless draw with no goals scored by either team within the regular 90 minutes of play. Since the final score aligns with your prediction of "Under 0.5 goals," your bet is successful, and you win.
  • Any other scoreline with at least one goal: If the match sees any goals scored, whether it's 1-0, 2-1, or any scoreline where at least one goal is scored by either team, your bet on "Under 0.5 goals" loses. Even if only one goal is scored throughout the game, it exceeds the threshold set by the "Under 0.5" condition, resulting in an unsuccessful bet.

The "Under 0.5 goals" betting market is specific and requires a precise outcome of no goals scored during the regular 90 minutes of play to win the bet. It's a scenario where a goalless draw or a match without any goals is the only outcome that secures a win for this particular wager.

Over/Under 0.5 Goals Betting Markets

Over/Under 0.5 Goals Betting Markets

The over/under goals markets in football betting focus on predicting the total number of goals in a match. Over/under 0.5 goals is the simplest form, where you bet on whether at least one goal will be scored (over) or no goals will be scored (under) during the game.

  • Betting Concept: Over 0.5 means you win if at least one goal is scored; under 0.5 means you win if the match ends goalless.
  • No Draw Possibility: The .5 decimal eliminates the chance of a draw or refund. You either win or lose your bet based on the number of goals scored.
  • Popularity: Over/under 2.5 goals is a widely popular market, often priced near even odds, attracting many bettors.
  • Finding Best Odds: To get the best over/under 0.5 goals betting odds, compare betting sites to find lower margins, offering potentially higher odds and better returns.

What is the over under 0.5 goals strategy?

The over/under 0.5 goals strategy revolves around predicting whether a football (soccer) match will have at least one goal (over 0.5 goals) or will end in a goalless draw (under 0.5 goals) within the regulation 90 minutes of play.

Here's an outline of the over/under 0.5 goals strategy:

  • Simple Decision-Making: Assess the teams, their offensive and defensive capabilities, recent performances, and playing styles. Determine whether the match is likely to have goals or might end goalless.
  • Under 0.5 Goals Bet: Choose 'under 0.5 goals' if you anticipate a low-scoring affair or if the teams have strong defensive records. This bet wins only if the match concludes without any goals in regular time (90 minutes + stoppage time).
  • Over 0.5 Goals Bet: Opt for 'over 0.5 goals' if you believe at least one goal will be scored during the match. This bet wins if the game sees any goals scored by either team within the regulation 90 minutes.
  • Research and Analysis: Conduct thorough research on team statistics, injuries, past performances, and head-to-head matchups. This information can help in making a more informed prediction.
  • Consider Match Context: Analyze the context of the match, such as its importance, playing conditions, team motivations, and playing styles. These factors can significantly impact the likelihood of goals being scored.
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