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Unlock the potential of your wagers with the Treble Bet—an enticing avenue in the realm of sports betting. In this exploration, delve into the intricacies of this multi-selection bet, discovering how it can amplify your returns across diverse sporting events. From its fundamental workings to strategic insights, embark on a journey to harness the power of the Treble Bet for a thrilling and rewarding betting experience.

A treble bet is a form of accumulator wager that combines three separate single bets into one

1. What is a Treble Bet?

A treble bet is a form of accumulator wager that combines three separate single bets into one. It involves selecting three different outcomes across sporting events, and if the first selection wins, the winnings roll over as the stake for the second bet. The returns from the second bet then become the stake for the third bet if the second selection wins. 

If all three selections win, the potential returns multiply as the odds compound, offering the opportunity for higher payouts compared to individual bets. To find suitable odds for placing a treble bet, exploring various betting sites with diverse options can provide a range of choices for potential selections and odds.

2. Treble Bet Examples

Explore the world of Treble Bets with clear examples from both soccer and horse racing, illustrating how this betting strategy works across different sports.

2.1. Football Treble Bet Example

1st match: Manchester United vs. Chelsea

You bet $50 on Manchester United to win at odds of 2.20. If Manchester United wins, your return will be $110 ($50 x 2.20 = $110).

2nd match: Barcelona vs. Juventus

The $110 from the first leg becomes your stake for Barcelona. You wager $110 on Barcelona to win at odds of 1.90. If Barcelona wins, your return will be $209 ($110 x 1.90 = $209).

3rt match : Bayern Munich vs. PSG

The $209 from the second leg becomes your stake for Bayern Munich. You place a $209 bet on Bayern Munich to win at odds of 2.50. If Bayern Munich wins, your return will be $522.50 ($209 x 2.50 = $522.50).

In a treble bet, the total return is calculated by multiplying the odds of all three selections together. If all three teams win:

  • Total odds = 2.20 x 1.90 x 2.50 = 10.45
  • Potential return = Total odds x initial stake = 10.45 x $50 = $522.50

If Manchester United, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich all win their respective matches, the total return from this corrected treble bet would be $522.50.

2.2. Horse Racing Treble Bet Example

Consider three horse races:

Kentucky Derby - Horse A with odds of 3.50

You place a $50 bet on Horse A to win. If Horse A wins, your return will be $175 ($50 x 3.50 = $175).

Belmont Stakes - Horse B with odds of 5.00

The $175 becomes your stake for Horse B. If Horse B wins, your return would be $875 ($175 x 5.00 = $875).

Preakness Stakes - Horse C with odds of 2.00

The $875 becomes your stake for Horse C. If Horse C wins, your total return would be $1750 ($875 x 2.00 = $1750).

If all three horses — A, B, and C — win their respective races, the total return from this treble bet would be $1750.

Treble bets are often placed for horse racing betting

These examples showcase how treble bets consolidate three individual selections into a single wager, potentially resulting in higher combined returns if all chosen outcomes turn out to be successful.

2. 3 Variations of Treble Bet

Here are three variations of the Treble Bet:

1.1. Treble bet 4 selections

A Treble Bet usually involves three selections, but it's possible to expand it to four selections, providing a form of safety net if one selection fails. In a four-selection Treble Bet, there are four distinct trebles, requiring at least three selections to win for a return.

If one selection loses but the other three win, one of the trebles excluding the losing selection will still pay out. However, expanding beyond three selections often means a higher stake, considering the wider coverage for potential losses.

Consider this example: 

  • Betting on both teams to score in four Premier League matches over a weekend. 
  • If three of these games see both teams scoring, at least one treble secures a win, ensuring some returns. 
  • Should all four games meet the criteria, every treble wins, resulting in the maximum payout initially outlined.

1.2. Treble bet 7 selections

Treble betting with seven selections involves wagering on seven events while allowing for the possibility of four incorrect predictions. If four out of the seven selections fail, there's still a chance to receive some returns, requiring at least three successful selections out of seven for a potential return.

Treble betting with seven selections involves wagering on seven events while allowing for the possibility of four incorrect predictions

For instance, consider betting on all seven Saturday Premier League fixtures for teams to score over 0.5 goals. 

  • Despite Arsenal and three other teams drawing their matches, avoiding a complete loss is possible.
  • With three successful selections out of the seven, the bet secures a win, ensuring a portion of the potential returns despite some selections not meeting expectations.

1.3. Treble bet 8 selections

A Treble Bet typically involves three selections, yet it doesn't have to be limited to only three. By expanding to multiple treble bets covering numerous selections, you can add a degree of security. For instance, you can opt for a Treble Bet with eight selections, resulting in a total of 56 trebles.

To yield a return, a minimum of three selections need to win; otherwise, no trebles will pay out. Here's an example involving eight selections:

  • Consider placing a bet on both teams scoring in eight Premier League matches over a weekend. 
  • If at least three matches meet this criterion, at least one of the trebles secures a win, offering some returns. 
  • If some matches fail to witness both teams scoring, corresponding trebles will result in losses. It's crucial to gamble responsibly within affordable budgets.

3. How to Calculate Treble Bet Winnings?

Calculating Treble bet winnings involves a straightforward formula: you multiply the odds of the three selections together and then multiply that result by the initial stake.

For example, if you bet $20 on Selection 1 with odds of 2.00, Selection 2 with odds of 1.50, and Selection 3 with odds of 2.50, the calculation would be: 2.00 x 1.50 x 2.50 = 7.50. Then, multiplying this by the initial stake ($20), your potential return would be $150 ($20 x 7.50 = $150).

Use the treble betting calculator to calculate your profits easily

For further convenience, I recommend using Betmentor's sports odds calculator for precise calculations and ease of use.

>>> Visit our betting calculator for detailed how-to instructions and to calculate your profits quickly: Treble bet calculator

4. How To Place Treble Bet on an Online Betting Site

Here's a more concise step-by-step guide to placing a Treble bet online:

  1. Selections: Choose three events or outcomes for your bet.
  2. Add to Bet Slip: Add these selections to your betting slip.
  3. Select Treble Bet: Choose the "Treble" option on your bet slip.
  4. Enter Stake: Input the amount you want to wager on the Treble.
  5. Review and Confirm: Double-check selections and stake.
  6. Place Bet: Confirm your bet by clicking "Place Bet" or similar.

5. FAQs

Q1: Can you do a treble bet each way?

Yes, some bookmakers offer an each way option for Treble bets, particularly in horse racing. Each way Treble splits the bet into two parts: one for the win and one for a place (usually top 2, 3, or 4 depending on the race and bookmaker's terms). However, not all bookmakers offer each way Treble bets for sports other than horse racing.

Q2: Which sports can I place a treble bet on?

Treble bets are versatile and available across various sports offered by bookmakers. You can place Treble bets on sports like football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and more, depending on the bookmaker's offerings.

Q3: What bookmakers offer this type of bet?

Most reputable online bookmakers offer Treble bets as part of their betting options. Popular bookmakers like Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betfair, and many others commonly offer Treble bets across a wide range of sports.

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