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Greyhound betting sites bring the excitement of a centuries-old sport to your fingertips. Originating in England in the late 1800s, the introduction of the oval track and mechanical hare in 1927 marked a turning point. Today, these sites feature races from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Ireland, catering to global enthusiasts.

The best greyhound betting sites go beyond just races; they offer diverse markets, promotions, and features. From the prestigious Greyhound Derby to the exhilarating Melbourne Cup, our list of Greyhound bookmakers covers all the major events. Explore how these dog racing betting sites operate and discover what sets the top-tier ones apart. 

Popular Bet Types for Greyhound Betting

Embark on the diverse world of greyhound betting, where the thrill extends beyond the tracks. While we've spotlighted four popular ways to bet, there's a multitude of options for dog race enthusiasts on top-notch greyhound betting sites.

  • Single To Win: For a straightforward wager, pick your dog, be it by name, trap number, or color. Win or lose, the choice is yours. Consider each-way bets for added flexibility.
  • Multiples Bet: Multiply the excitement by selecting multiple winners. Try doubles, trebles, or four-folds. Dive into combination bets like Yankees, Canadians, and Heinz for substantial returns.
  • Forecast and Reverse Forecast Bet: Forecast the first and second-place finishers or opt for a reverse forecast, ensuring a win regardless of the order. It's the each-way equivalent of forecast betting, covering all possibilities.
  • Tricast and Combination Tricast Bet: In greyhound betting, tricasts come in two types. A straight tricast demands a specific order, while a combination tricast offers flexibility. Mathematically speaking, a combination tricast equals six forecast bets.

The Biggest Greyhound Racing Tournaments to Bet On

In the realm of greyhound racing, the United Kingdom stands as the epicenter of prestigious events, offering a plethora of thrilling races. While the English Greyhound Derby takes the spotlight, there are other noteworthy competitions worth exploring on top-notch greyhound betting sites.

1 - English Greyhound Derby:

A pinnacle in British dog racing, the English Greyhound Derby boasts unparalleled prestige. Established in 1927, this summer event, typically in June or July, has traversed venues, currently hosted at Nottingham since 2018. Follow the legacy of this iconic race on leading dog racing betting sites.

2 - Scottish Greyhound Derby:

Dating back to 1928, the Scottish Greyhound Derby unfolds at Shawfield Stadium, offering a £20,000 prize for the winner. Run in April, this race spans 480 meters and serves as a significant precursor to the English Greyhound Derby.

3 - Irish Greyhound Derby:

Sponsored by BoyleSports, the Irish Greyhound Derby commands attention at Shelbourne Park in South Dublin. With a substantial €125,000 prize, this 550-yard race is a pinnacle in the Irish racing calendar, attracting enthusiasts to explore greyhound betting online.

4 - East Anglian Cup:

The flagship race at Yarmouth Stadium, the East Anglian Derby, has graced the Norfolk venue since 1975. Running each September over 462 meters, this event is a testament to the sport's prowess, often featuring contenders from earlier in the season's Greyhound Derby.

5 - Select Stakes:

Held at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium since Wembley's redesign in 1997, the Select Stakes is a standout event. With a £7,500 prize for the winner, this July spectacle features the best six dogs chosen by the Greyhound Writers Association, making it a must-watch on the greyhound racing betting online circuit.

Greyhound Racing Betting Tips

Entering the world of greyhound betting? Here are five crucial tips to guide beginners on the path to strategic success, ensuring an enjoyable and informed betting experience on top-tier greyhound betting sites.

1 - Study the Racing Forms:

Dive into the racing forms to grasp recent performance details of each greyhound. Understanding their track record provides essential insights for making informed betting decisions. Racing forms act as your encyclopedic guide, vital for navigating the dynamic world of greyhound racing.

2 - Start with To Win and Each-way Bets:

For novices, simplicity is key. Begin with straightforward To Win bets, backing a greyhound to claim victory. Explore Each-way bets, allowing wins if the greyhound places (typically up to second). These markets provide a solid foundation, essential for newcomers finding their footing in the realm of dog race betting online.

3 - Explore Various Markets When Ready:

Expand your betting horizons as you grasp the basics. Greyhound bookmakers offer diverse markets beyond To Win and Each-way. Venture into straight forecasts, reverse forecasts, and tricasts for more complex wagers. Embrace multiple bets and unlock the full spectrum of options provided by reputable greyhound racing betting sites.

4 - Avoid Relying Solely on Gut Instinct:

While enjoyment is paramount, informed bets yield better results. Betting solely on instinct might bring joy, but for strategic success, rely on research and insights. Make smarter decisions based on facts rather than whims, enhancing your overall betting experience.

5 - Beware of Unrealistic Promises:

There's no guaranteed success in greyhound racing. Disregard any claims of foolproof tips or tricks. Success in dog racing betting online relies on chance, probability, and informed choices. Maximize your chances through research and careful consideration. Remember, never bet more than you can afford to lose, acknowledging the inherent unpredictability of the sport.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing: A Quick Guide

Curious about diving into the excitement of greyhound racing betting? Here's a straightforward breakdown to get you started on reputable greyhound betting sites:

  1. Sign into Your Chosen Betting Site:

If not registered, sign up—it takes minutes. Provide details like email, age, and address. Ensure responsible gambling by never depositing more than you can afford to lose.

  1. Deposit Funds:

If your account is empty, deposit funds. Enter payment details securely. Responsible gambling remains key—only deposit what you're comfortable losing.

  1. Pick a Race:

Explore races on the homepage or navigate to the list of available sports. Plenty of options await. Choose a race happening now or in the near future that catches your interest.

  1. Choose Your Betting Market:

Navigate to the greyhounds and available markets. Select your pick—simple clicks on your chosen greyhound make it easy.

  1. Place Your Stake:

After picking, head to the betting slip. Enter your stake, where potential returns are usually visible. Stay mindful of responsible gambling practices.

  1. Place Your Bet:

With all selected, hit "place your bet" or your operator's equivalent. Congratulations, you've successfully placed a bet on greyhound racing online. It's that easy.

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1. Which are the most common Greyhound promotions?

When engaging in greyhound racing bets, punters often encounter enticing promotions. These may include Best Odds Guaranteed, Price Boosts, Free Bets, and Money-Back Specials. However, it's crucial to note that specific promotions can vary among bookies. Always scrutinize the fine print before registering and depositing to ensure a clear understanding of the terms and conditions.

2. What are the best bets for dog tracks?

To enhance your chances at the dog track, focus on narrowing down race contenders to 3 or 4 dogs. Betting on a trifecta key or wheel involving these selections covers various combinations, optimizing your win ratio and minimizing risk. This strategic approach can prove effective in making informed bets on greyhound races.

3. What countries have dog racing?

Dog racing thrives in various countries. Australia boasts 58 active greyhound tracks, while the United Kingdom, Ireland, and New Zealand have 21, 17, and six tracks, respectively. The United States and Mexico also contribute to the global greyhound racing scene with two and one tracks, respectively.

4. What happens to greyhounds that don't win?

Greyhounds that don't achieve racing success may follow various paths. Some transition into breeding programs, while others, even in good health, may face a different fate. Unfortunately, some are handed over to university veterinary faculties for experimentation or used in teaching and training, underscoring the importance of ethical considerations in the treatment of these animals.

Author Guarantor: Diane Davoine
Created: 17/01/2024
Last updated: 17/01/2024
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