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Golf betting sites have transformed the way fans engage with the sport, offering a thrilling avenue to wager on their favorite players and tournaments. In this article, we'll explore the world of golf bookmakers, highlighting the best platforms and sharing essential tips to enhance your golf wagering experience. Whether you're a seasoned golf enthusiast or new to the sport, this guide will help you navigate the greens of golf betting with confidence.

Golf betting sites offer an exciting avenue to bet on their favorite players and tournaments (Source: Freepik)

1. Popular Bet Types for Golf Betting

Golf is a sport that offers a wide array of betting opportunities, and understanding the various bet types can significantly enhance your golf betting experience. In this guide, we delve into the most popular bet types for golf betting, how they work, why they are suitable for golf betting, and when to consider or avoid these bets based on the players and circumstances.

1.1. First Round Leader

The "First Round Leader" bet is a bet that you have to predict which golfer will lead the tournament after the first round. It's a bet that brings immediate excitement, offering the potential for quick returns and a sense of accomplishment early in the tournament.

This type of bet is suitable for golfers who have a reputation for starting strong but might struggle to maintain their form over multiple rounds. If you have insights into players who tend to shine in the opening round, this bet can be particularly rewarding.

However, it's essential to avoid First Round Leader bets in tournaments with unpredictable weather conditions, as rain, wind, or other factors can significantly impact early-round scores.

1.2. Outright Winner

The "Outright Winner" bet is one of the most popular and rewarding forms of golf betting. Here, you're staking your wager on the golfer you believe will ultimately win the entire tournament. This bet keeps you engaged throughout the event, as you'll be rooting for your chosen player from the first tee to the final putt.

Outright winner bets are suitable for players who have a strong track record and consistency, especially in major tournaments. If you have a player in mind who excels in specific formats or is known for clutch performances, this is an ideal bet.

However, you should avoid outright winner bets when there is a dominant favorite with extremely low odds, as the potential payout may not justify the risk.

1.3. Hole-in-One Betting

"Hole-in-One" bet centers on whether a golfer will achieve the coveted hole-in-one during the tournament.

Hole-in-one bets are suitable for those who appreciate the element of chance in their wagers and seek to make their golf betting experience less predictable. If you're someone who enjoys long-shot bets and the unexpected, this one's for you. However, if you prefer bets that directly align with players' skills and performance, you may want to avoid this type of bet.

1.4. Betting Without Favorites

Sometimes, tournaments feature clear favorites who dominate the betting landscape. In such cases, "Betting Without Favorites" can be a strategic move. This bet allows you to select a golfer to win the tournament while excluding the most favored players from consideration.

Betting without favorites can provide better odds for contenders who might otherwise be overshadowed by the top-tier players. It's suitable when you believe an underdog has a strong chance of winning, and you want to capitalize on the absence of the most dominant golfers. However, it's crucial to avoid this bet when the favorites have proven track records and significant advantages over the rest of the field.

1.5. Golf Match Bets (Player v Player)

If you're interested in head-to-head competitions within a golf tournament, "Golf Match Bets" are a fantastic choice. In this wager, you bet on one golfer to outscore another in a specific player-versus-player matchup within the tournament. This bet format allows you to focus on how one player performs relative to another, regardless of the tournament's overall outcome.

Golf Match Bets are versatile and suitable for all types of players (Source: Freepik)

Golf Match Bets are versatile and suitable for all types of players. They are especially engaging when you have in-depth knowledge of individual players' strengths and weaknesses. You can create exciting scenarios where you pit players against each other, adding a layer of rivalry and anticipation to your golf betting experience. However, avoid this type of bet when there is a lack of data or significant disparities in the abilities of the players you're comparing.

1.6. Nationality of Winners

In the "Nationality of Winners" bet, you predict the nationality of the golfer who will win the tournament. It's an option that allows you to root for a player not only based on their individual skills but also their national affiliation.

This bet is suitable for those with a strong sense of national pride or a belief in the performance advantages of golfers from a specific country. If you think that a particular nationality has a historical edge in a particular tournament, this bet adds a layer of excitement. However, it's best to avoid it if you have no strong inclinations or evidence regarding national performance patterns in the tournament.

1.7. Six-Shooter

In "Six-Shooter" bets, you select one golfer from a group of six to perform the best in the tournament. 

Six-shooter bets are suitable for players who want a more interactive and social betting experience, such as with friends or fellow bettors. It can lead to lively discussions and friendly competitions. However, it's important to avoid this type of bet when there are significant skill imbalances among the selected six golfers, as it may lead to a less competitive wager.

1.8. Top European/USA/Asian/ROW Player

"Top European/USA/Asian/ROW Player" bets allow you to focus on the performance of golfers from specific regions or continents. 

This bet is suitable when you have insights into regional golfing strengths and trends. For example, you might believe that European players have an advantage in certain conditions or that Asian golfers excel in particular tournaments. 

However, it's best to avoid this bet when the tournament lacks significant regional variations in performance, as it may not provide a meaningful wagering opportunity.

1.9. Top 5/10/20 Finish

For bettors looking for more flexible options, "Top 5/10/20 Finish" bets provide various choices for predicting a golfer's final position. You can bet on a player to finish within the top 5, 10, or 20 positions in the tournament. 

These bets are suitable for golfers who consistently perform well but may not be expected to win the tournament outright. If you have a player in mind who tends to finish just shy of victory but consistently lands in the top positions, this is an ideal bet. 

It's essential to avoid this type of bet when the player's performance is highly variable, making it challenging to predict their exact position.

1.10. Three-Ball Betting

If you're someone who enjoys closely following individual rounds and players' form during a tournament, "Three-Ball Betting" might be your cup of tea. In this wager, you bet on the golfer who will have the best score in a specific group of three players during a round.

Three-ball betting is suitable for bettors who appreciate dynamic group dynamics and enjoy frequent betting opportunities during a tournament. It keeps you engaged on a round-by-round basis, offering multiple chances to make winning predictions.

However, it's advisable to avoid this type of bet when there is insufficient statistical data or information on the players in the group, making it challenging to make informed decisions.

By understanding these popular golf betting strategies, you can tailor your approach to maximize the excitement and potential rewards of golf betting. Explore the best golf betting sites and strategies to make informed choices and elevate your golf gambling experience.

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2. The Biggest Golf Tournaments to Bet On

In this section, we'll explore some of the most prominent golf tournaments that captivate both golf enthusiasts and bettors alike. We'll provide insights into the region where each tournament is held, the scale of the event, the number of bettors it attracts, and tips to maximize your chances of winning bets in these prestigious tournaments.

The biggest golf tournaments to bet on:

Tournament Organizing Time
The Open Championship The weekend of the third Friday in July
US Open Annually, June
PGA Championship Annually, May
US Masters Annually, April
The Ryder Cup Biennial (Even Years)
The Olympics Quadrennial (Summer Games)
The Solheim Cup Biennial (Odd Years)
The Presidents Cup Biennial (Even Years)

2.1. The Open Championship

The Open Championship, often referred to as the British Open, is one of golf's four major championships. It takes place in the United Kingdom and is known for its rich history and challenging links courses. The tournament attracts a global audience and features some of the best golfers in the world.

The Open Championship offers a diverse range of betting opportunities due to the unpredictable weather conditions and the unique challenges posed by Links Golf. To increase your chances of winning bets in this tournament, consider researching players with a strong history in windy and inclement conditions and those who excel in links-style courses.

2.2. The US Open

The US Open is another major championship, held in the United States. It is renowned for its demanding courses and narrow fairways. The tournament garners immense attention from golf fans and bettors, making it one of the most prestigious events in the sport.

The US Open's reputation for its challenging course setups means that consistency and shot-making prowess are essential. Look for players with strong driving accuracy and an ability to navigate tough conditions when placing bets. Analyzing historical performance in previous US Open events can also provide valuable insights.

2.3. PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is yet another major golf tournament hosted in the United States. Known for its rotating venues, it offers diverse challenges each year. This major attracts a significant number of bettors who seek exciting wagering opportunities.

The changing nature of the PGA Championship courses means adaptability is key for successful betting. Pay attention to golfers who perform well in different course setups and have a versatile skill set. Researching the specific course hosting the tournament can also provide an edge when placing bets.

2.4. US Masters

The US Masters, held at the Augusta National Golf Club in the United States, is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated tournaments in golf. Its exclusivity and tradition make it a focal point for golf bettors worldwide.

Augusta's unique course characteristics, including fast greens and challenging approach shots, require precision and finesse. When betting on the US Masters, focus on players with a strong short game and a history of success on the Augusta course. Experience and prior performance can be significant factors.

The US Masters is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated tournaments in golf (Source: Freepik)

2.5. The Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is a biennial team event that sees the best golfers from Europe and the United States competing against each other. It alternates between hosting in Europe and the United States, drawing tremendous global attention and featuring a passionate fan base.

Betting on the Ryder Cup is a unique experience as it involves team dynamics. Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of both the European and American teams, and consider how the pairings and captain's strategies may impact the outcomes. Team chemistry and recent form play pivotal roles in Ryder Cup betting.

2.6. The Olympics

Golf returned to the Olympic program in 2016, and it has since become a global stage for golfers to represent their countries. The event attracts a wide viewership and offers an opportunity to wager on national pride.

In the Olympics, it's crucial to evaluate how players adapt to the unique atmosphere of international competition. Consider factors such as recent form, past success in pressure situations, and their adaptability to different time zones and climates when placing bets.

2.7. The Solheim Cup

The Solheim Cup is the female counterpart to the Ryder Cup, featuring teams from Europe and the United States. It rotates between European and American venues, showcasing the top female golf talent and drawing in golf enthusiasts and bettors.

Similar to the Ryder Cup, team dynamics and pairings are critical when betting on the Solheim Cup. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each team and how they might align with the specific course conditions. Consider the experience and recent performance of the players in team events.

2.8. The Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup, held in the United States, pits an international team against a team from the United States. While it may not be as widely recognized as the Ryder Cup, it offers an exciting opportunity for golf betting with international flair.

Betting on the Presidents Cup involves understanding the dynamics of mixed teams and the strengths of the international team compared to the American team. Player form and adaptability to different courses are key factors to consider when placing wagers.

These prestigious golf tournaments provide an array of betting opportunities, each with its unique challenges and dynamics. To maximize your chances of success in these events, consider the specific characteristics of each tournament and the strengths of the players involved.

3. In-Play Live Golf Betting

Live golf betting is an exhilarating way to engage with the sport. The top live golf betting sites offer a range of live bets throughout a tournament, making it possible to wager over the four days of action.

While many bets are placed before the first round, live betting attracts the majority of customers seeking to capitalize on shifting conditions and player performances.

In-play betting is an invaluable tool for adjusting to changing circumstances and optimizing your golf betting strategies (Source: Freepik)

Bet365 stands out with its live leaderboard and even live streams of select events, providing a real-time betting experience. BetVictor is also known for competitive odds in live golf betting.

In-play betting is an invaluable tool for adjusting to changing circumstances and optimizing your golf betting strategies. Whether you're looking for the best golf betting sites or the best golf betting app, live golf betting adds an exciting dimension to your wagering experience, allowing you to stay connected with the tournament's evolving action.

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4. Winning Golf Betting Strategies

Betting on golf is not just a game of chance; it's a strategic endeavor that involves analyzing players, courses, and tournament conditions. To boost your chances of success, consider these winning golf betting strategies.

4.1. Avoid Relying Solely on a Single Player

Relying solely on one player to carry your bets is a risky proposition. Golf, like any sport, can be unpredictable. Injuries, off-days, or unexpected conditions can derail even the best golfers. By diversifying your bets across multiple players, you spread the risk and increase the likelihood of winning.

While it's essential to avoid putting all your eggs in one golfer's basket, be mindful of spreading your bets too thin. Find a balance that suits your risk tolerance and betting budget.


  • Reduces the impact of one player's underperformance.
  • Provides more opportunities for winning bets.


  • Smaller potential payouts compared to backing a single player.

4.2. Maximizing Your Bets with Each-Way Opportunities

Each-way betting is a smart way to maximize your potential returns. When you place an each-way bet, you're essentially betting on a golfer to both win the tournament and finish in a top position (usually the top five or six). This strategy provides a safety net and can yield substantial profits if your chosen golfer performs well but doesn't win.

Select players who have a history of consistently finishing in top positions to optimize your each-way bets.


  • Increased chances of winning.
  • Potential for significant returns, even if your player doesn't win.


  • Higher initial stake due to placing two bets (win and place).
  • Payouts are reduced for the place portion of the bet.

4.3. Strategic Use of the Cash-Out Option

The cash-out option allows you to lock in profits or minimize losses before a bet's conclusion. It's an invaluable tool for adjusting your position based on changing circumstances during a tournament. Use it wisely to secure gains or limit potential losses.

While cash-out can be advantageous, avoid impulsive decisions. Make well-informed choices by closely monitoring live scores and player performances.


  • Provides flexibility and control over your bets.
  • Enables you to adapt to evolving tournament dynamics.


  • Overusing cash-out can reduce overall profit potential.

4.4. Betting Against Players in Three-Ball/Two-Ball Bets

Three-ball and two-ball bets involve wagering on a player to outperform others in a small group. Betting against a specific player can be a strategic move, especially if you have insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the participants.

You should conduct thorough research and consider factors like recent form, course suitability, and head-to-head performance when betting against specific players.


  • Provides opportunities to bet against underperforming players.
  • Allows for focused analysis of smaller player groups.


  • Requires in-depth knowledge of the players in the group.

4.5. Managing Your Bankroll for Both Outright and In-Play Golf Betting

Bankroll management is crucial for long-term success. Allocate your betting budget wisely and avoid the temptation to bet beyond your means. Split your bankroll between outright bets before the tournament and in-play bets to ensure responsible wagering.

You need to set clear betting limits and stick to them. Avoid chasing losses and maintain a structured approach to managing your bankroll.


  • Reduces the risk of significant losses.
  • Allows you to stay engaged throughout a tournament.


  • Requires discipline and self-control.

4.6. The Significance of the Cut in Golf Betting Strategy

In golf tournaments, the "cut" is a point where only the top-performing players continue to compete over the weekend. Understanding the cut line and how it affects your bets is crucial. Some players may excel in the early rounds but struggle to make the cut.

Monitor player scores and the projected cut line to make strategic in-play bets as the tournament progresses. This is a valuable tool in your golf betting arsenal.


  • Allows you to make informed in-play bets as the cut approaches.
  • Provides insight into player performance.


  • Requires up-to-date knowledge of tournament standings.

By following these winning golf betting strategies, you can increase your chances of success and make more informed betting decisions.

5. How to Bet on Online Golf Betting Sites

Betting on golf has become increasingly popular, and online golf betting sites provide a convenient and accessible platform for golf enthusiasts to wager on their favorite events. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to bet on online golf bookmakers:

  1. Choose a Reputable Site: Select a licensed and reputable online betting site.
  2. Create an Account: Sign up by providing your details and create an account.
  3. Deposit Funds: Add money to your account using various deposit options.
  4. Explore Betting Markets: Browse available golf betting markets, including outright winners, matchups, and in-play options.
  5. Research and Analyze: Analyze player statistics, recent form, and tournament conditions.
  6. Place Bets: Select your bets, enter the stake, and confirm your wagers.
  7. Monitor In-Play Betting: Consider live betting for real-time wagers during the tournament.
  8. Use Cash-Out Wisely: Some sites offer cash-out options; use them strategically.
  9. Manage Your Bankroll: Set a betting budget and stick to it.
  10. Withdraw Winnings: When you win, withdraw your profits.
  11. Stay Informed: Stay updated with golf news and player updates for better betting decisions.

Enjoy the excitement of betting on golf while keeping it responsible and enjoyable.

5. FAQs

Q1: What is Each-Way Bet on Golf?

An each-way bet in golf involves placing two bets on the same golfer. One bet is for the golfer to win the tournament, while the other is for the golfer to finish within a specified number of places (typically the top five or six). If the golfer wins, both bets payout. If the golfer finishes within the specified places but doesn't win, the "place" bet pays out at a fraction of the win odds

Q2: Can I Bet Through the Golf Betting App?

Yes, many online sports betting sites offer dedicated golf betting apps that allow you to place bets on golf tournaments. These apps provide a convenient and mobile-friendly platform to wager on golf events, access odds, and stay updated on live scores.

Q3: How Do Odds Work in Golf Betting?

Odds in golf betting indicate the potential return on your wager. For example, if a golfer has odds of 10/1 and you bet $10, you would win $100 if the golfer is victorious. The higher the odds, the more you can potentially win, but the likelihood of that golfer winning may be lower.

Q4: Can I Make Live Bets on Golf?

Yes, live or in-play betting on golf is available on many online sports betting platforms. Live betting allows you to place wagers on golf events as they unfold, with odds that update in real time based on the tournament's progress.

Q5: Where Is Golf Betting Legal?

The legality of golf betting depends on your location. In many countries, sports betting, including golf betting, is legal and regulated. However, it's essential to check the specific gambling laws and regulations in your region to ensure compliance. Always bet responsibly and within the bounds of the law.

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