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BetMentor is constantly updated with sports betting news worldwide, and all reviews are honestly created based on the tools.

The world's largest sports betting review center
We have more users' trust than any other platform. This is all because the analysis and reviews we provide are transparent and clear. In particular, we do not accept any sponsorship to evaluate a lousy sportsbook as an attractive platform for punters.
Fresh Free Bet Codes
BetMentor's team of experts always works hard to deal with sportsbooks to bring punters exclusive promo codes updated regularly. Therefore, undoubtedly what we offer you will not find on any other platform.
Ultimate Betting Guide Source
Betting on sports will not be complicated if you know how to get the right information and knowledge in the right place. Therefore, BetMentor always offers sports betting guides from basic to complex to help punters not have too much trouble while on the road to finding luck. So you will be equipped with some fundamentals of online sports betting at our platform.
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Supporting users with betting problems is something we are always ready to help. Therefore, if you experience signs of gambling addiction or trouble while entertaining, you are always encouraged to contact BetMentor customer support.

What are the Main Tasks of BetMentor on a Day to Day Work?

BetMentor has a team of professional staff and experts with many years of experience in sports betting.

Compare Our Top-Rated Recommended Sports Betting Site
Unlike today's rampant online sportsbook review sites, BetMentor understands that punters expect honest reviews and analysis. Therefore, based on our years of reviews and analysis, you can rest assured that the sportsbooks we review are consistently checked against in-depth review processes by our experts. BetMentor. We always consider all the essentials, including everything from betting markets, odds, bonuses, payment methods, customer service, etc., before giving final reviews to recommend to our users.
Actively Looking for New Sportsbooks and Review

Every day, our experts will meet to discuss and evaluate before providing fair and honest reviews to help punters consider before making final decisions. Furthermore, we are constantly reviewing the newly released sportsbooks and how the established bookies introduce them to readers.

This review process will include many stages such as analysis, evaluation, experience, and conclusions. Furthermore, we always focus on security and safety issues related to operating licenses, payment methods, and support services. Thus, readers can rest assured that we provide fair and transparent analysis and reviews of sportsbooks.

Deal with All Top Betting Sites to Bring the Most Profitable and Exclusive Free Bets

Promotion is one of the critical factors that many punters often pay attention to before deciding whether they should choose that bookie or not. Therefore, our staff is always hard at work dealing with betting sites to offer exclusive free bets and helping punters get the highest returns to ensure a good experience. Experience as expected with sportsbooks.

However, you should keep in mind that the offers we recommend will depend on your interests and the type of offer you are looking for. Usually, our experts will guide the best deals for our readers, which means they will have reasonable and relevant T&Cs.

In addition, other positives we look for will be the number of bets or free deposits offered concerning the initial bet amount, which should fit the budget of all gamblers.


All Sportsbooks in the World are Reviewed and Carefully Evaluated

All information about the bookies is evaluated objectively and carefully with a lot of attached data.

Very Good Betting Sites
To rate excellent bookies, we have to carry out in-depth and unbiased reviews. First and foremost, the best sportsbooks should have a reliable reputation and have reasonable odds with a wide variety of markets, attractive bonuses, and promotions. At the same time, they must also have extensive services tailored to the needs of punters, such as fast payouts or reasonable withdrawal limits.
Good Betting Sites

A good sportsbook can also be quickly downgraded if it does not meet the strict standards that we have compliled in our rigorous review process. Like the excellent betting sites ranking, we still first look at the dealer's reputation to see if it's a safe enough platform to recommend to gamblers.

During our review, we still analyze claims around sportsbooks, estimated revenue, licensing, betting market, customer support service, fairness of terms and conditions, withdrawal and win limits, etc.

Fresh Betting Sites

A bookie launched less than 3 years will be considered as a fledgling betting platform. Therefore, its reputation will not be precisely determined. With the advent of many new gambling sites, investing in a newly launched sportsbook is also considered a bet with some risk.

Because of their budding reputation and short operating experience, fresh bookmakers cannot guarantee the quality of service, as well as whether the responsibility to support punters with withdrawals is insured or not. Therefore, we will always warn users to avoid investing too much money in these platforms without knowing them well.

Of course, over time, fresh bookies will have good or excellent performance in the industry. Therefore, we will come back for updates and positive reviews about them.

Bad Betting Sites

We always assure our users that our ratings are not affected by advertising dollars because the bookies are not our customers, but you are. BetMentor have always put our customer in a safe boat when betting at bad sportsbooks.

If the bookmakers are not guaranteed to deliver good services, the odds are too high, or the Terms and Condition policies are ambiguous, we will put them on the bad list, and there will be some warnings to our users listed as Facts that Players Should Know. In addition, our analysts will also scrutinize sportsbooks' security and trust factors through operating licenses to see if they are legal and secure platforms or not.

Blacklisted Betting Sites

Besides objective reviews of reputable bookmakers, many sportsbooks with poor reputations that BetMentor does not appreciate. The main reasons why bookies are underrated are usually related to the following factors.

Confusing opening account offers

Reputable bookies will not ask you to provide information unrelated to the account registration process or challenging to accept requirements before making a withdrawal of winnings. Furthermore, in many cases, some bookies with a poor reputation will have unnecessarily lengthy account verification steps and may delay or avoid payment.

No or poor ongoing offers and bonuses for existing users

Small or unreputable bookies often have little or no bonus programs or other perks for current punters. Many bookmakers do not offer a deposit bonus after the initial deposit bonus offer, making gamblers no longer interested in finding good profits.

Some bookies may even exclude punters with a previous successful betting record from upcoming promotions to limit their profits. They may also not offer promotions for punters in certain countries or regions.

Poor Odds and Coverage

Many small bookies offer intentionally poor odds. Therefore, you will not get big profits if you bet on these bookies. Therefore, double-check the appropriate odds before placing real money bets on matches. In addition, you should also choose sportsbooks that offer affordable coverage with odds for the events or markets you desire to ensure quality entertainment.

Poor Customer Service

"Customer is god"! Therefore, any business, including bookies, must follow this rule to develop its reputation. Specifically, low-quality bookies often do not have fast and timely support services for customers and support channels that are not accessible or take a long time to receive any information.

Bet Limit

The bet limit is the maximum amount a bookie allows punters to bet on a given game or event. Unfortunately, poor bookies will introduce bet limits very soon after punters open an account. Therefore, we will not encourage bettors who love sports betting to join these platforms to avoid unexpected situations.

Fees and Refuse Payouts

Be aware that some bookies offer high fees every time you deposit or withdraw your winnings. Some bookmakers even have slow payouts because they have bad rules, blame the staff, or have problems with the payment processors. Whatever the reason, it's unacceptable. Therefore, we constantly research the bookies carefully before making final judgments to deserve your investment.


Why Should You Trust Our Rating?

We always give lots of unbiased reviews and do not accept ads to give positive reviews to unscrupulous bookies. Here are some important factors that we guarantee why you can trust our website.

Reputation is a top priority
BetMentor constantly updates and reviews reputable sportsbooks, helping the betting community access sportsbooks safely.
100% unbiased and honest reviews
Our experts strive to create 100% clear and independent content, meaning bookies cannot influence our opinions or research.
Local experts are featured
Reviews are given by experienced industry experts, giving users the confidence to read our analytics.
Promote a responsible approach to gambling
Any punter can have a problem with gambling addiction. Therefore, we always encourage our users to play responsibly and to be able to get help if they run into problems.
BetMentor support team is always ready to help users
Another critical factor that we always want to ensure with gamblers is that the support team is available 24/7 to provide the highest quality of service.

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Mark Harrington
• 5 days ago

William Hill user review

What a bunch of robbing cowboys, I have bet on football fixed odds every week for years with Paddy Power. I thought I would give these jokers a go and took up Thier offer of 5 free bets and deposited £10 and placed a losing bet. I then placed a free bet and won £60, when I attempted to withdrawal my winnings my account was locked, spoke to Thier robot 9nly to discover I had been suspended. Thier loss, back to the trusted Paddy Power from now on
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Prakash Raju
• 2 weeks ago

Dafabet user review

I have a withdrawal problem in dafabet , withdrawal amount is 13700 they said me in 1st week your Bank address was wrong , and from next week you amount was credited in your bank account and they send me some reference number , i have coordinate with my bank they said me there is no transactions between us ,. What can i doo
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• 3 weeks ago

Betfred user review

How on earth this company is allowed to operate is amazing. A word of warning- do not open an account!! They will take your money and then close your account when you try to withdraw. The 'customer support' (lol!!!) Was disgustingly rude and just ended the chat after I waited 60 minutes Having to now waste my time making an official complaint. Fingers crossed these thieves are closed down soon. Vile.
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• 1 months ago

888sport user review

i signed up with 888 yesterday, i was paid out incorrectly on winning bets, i had my account closed without requesting it, i am awaiting an age on my withdrawl. Absolutely no confidence in them at al
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Sam R L Barton
• 2 months ago

Unibet user review

The customer support is excellent, they have a dedicated team for every type of gambling they provide and they have a forum you can get in touch with staff if you don't want to speak on phone. Ignore the bad reviews.. they are just punters who lose and blame something other than themselves or throw a fit because they have to send in ID etc. before receiving a large withdrawal (which is all required legally.) Amazing site
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Stephen Johnson
• 2 months ago

FanDuel user review

Fanduel service is very bad, Withdrawal process is confusing. Would not recommend this gambling site.
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• 7 months ago

EnergyBet user review

THEY TOOK MY WINNING MONEY AND CLOSED MY ACCOUNT! They closed my account for I had accounts before. So I won 1072 Euro and did withdraw 900 Euro but they took my wining money and just gived me back my deposit money 100 Euro. My account before I did over 3000 Euro deposit what about those money give me back then!! This site is a scam and taking the fastest exit to not give you the winning money! Iam so mad right now. I will not give up on this. I played sportsbet Username: Granit01
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• 8 months ago

22Bet user review

Large selection of games.
Points in the store awarded for regular playing. Nice, clean site generally ok.
24/7 chat on the site no errors, application for the phone I think the only downside is that there is always something changing with deposits and withdrawals. There could also be more individual bonuses that are not very demanding
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• 10 months ago

Betfair user review

Don't hesitate to play here, one of the best casinos, in my opinion. I've been playing here for a long time. There are no issues with this casino, and the withdrawal process is fast. And I've never had a problem when making a withdrawal. Good casino, you should try, if you win, the casino will pay you !!!
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• 11 months ago

188Bet user review

Worst worst worst betting site ever I have used... They will try every possible way to lock your money so that you cannot with withdraw. Why the f#ck I have to verify the account when I win something big? Why not before? And after providing legit documents even they are not approve... Their market tretagy is terrible, they think that they are the only betting site exit in this earth... Very limited market able, I highly recommend you guys don't even open account with this betting site...
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