Thanks to its simple gameplay and high win rate, disc shock attracts many participants from Asian countries, such as India, Indonesia, Viet Nam, and Thailand. However, not everyone understands the game's rules and how to play the most straightforward way to bring high efficiency as this is a traditional game. In this article, let's learn about this awesome game!

What is Disc Shock?

To play this game is very simple. Basically, the required tools for this game are:

  • 1 bowl
  • 1 plate
  • Coins (Can be 1, 2, or 4 coins with one color on each side)

All players will proceed to bet according to a specified limit.

One person will proceed to put the coins on a plate, turn the bowl upside down and shake it so that no one can see them.

The participant's task is to predict the occurrence of heads after opening the bowl.

Whether it's playing disc shock online or at online betting sites, it can be said to be extremely simple compared to other betting games.

Depending on the number of coins used, this game has different betting doors.

However, currently, the number of coins used is usually 2 or 4. So we have more options, and the game is more dramatic.

What is Disc Shock?

What Forms of Disc Shock are There?

Disc shock, although there are many variations on how to play it, is divided into 2 forms:

  • Folk disc shock or Traditional disc shock(offline).
  • Online disc shock
  • This division is based on game characteristics and many factors that will be analyzed in detail below.

Traditional Disc Shock

This is the traditional way of playing in real life. With this form, the player needs a set of tools: 1 bowl, 1 plate, 2 coins with one color on each side, and a card for millet.

Participants will place bets before the disc is bumped and predict the coin's sides.

One person will represent the dealer to shock the disc, hold all the bets and pay the winner.

The best odds are very diverse, but the dealer determines all.

Offline disc shock is not limited to players participating and can be played anywhere.

Online Disc Shock

The advent of online disc shock is an alternative to the traditional way of playing.

There is also no limit to the number of players, but in this way, dozens or even hundreds of people can bet simultaneously.

With just a smartphone or computer with an internet connection, we can register an account and participate in online disc shock.

Online disc shock is not brutal because all operations, rules, and payouts are similar to the traditional style.

Betting sites are designed to simulate a real casino, have a disc shock dealer or use smart computer software.

When playing disc shock online, you need to choose a reputable bookie to join so you don't have to worry about legal issues, security, or fraud.

It also guarantees the fast deposit and withdrawal method, good support, many incentives, and a high payout ratio are highlights of this form.

With such a great correlation, online betting is increasingly chosen and trusted by more and more people.

Disc shock will usually have two doors, "Even and Odd." Participants only need to bet on one of the two doors to win. However, there will be more doors for you to choose from with the reward disc shock game. This also contributes to increasing the appeal of the game.

How to Play Disc Shock

To be able to play poker well and earn real money from the house, first of all, we need to understand the most basic way to play.

From there, we can apply advanced strategies to become the most professional gambler.

Disc Shock Rules

Playing poker is also very simple; you need to place a bet before opening the bowl. Then, the dealer will proceed to put coins on the plate and shock. Players will make predictions about the side of the coin. The result will be one of the following:

  • 1 coin disc shock: The player chooses face-up or face-up.
  • 2 coins disc shock: There are 3 bets on the same side, face-up, 1 fold 1 face.
  • 4 coin disc shock: There are many ways to place bets such as parity, by color, etc. This form is also most popular today.

If you guess correctly, you will receive your winnings; you will lose your bet if you lose.

Disc Shock Terms

In disc shock, we can hear some terms being called out. They usually carry specific meanings. Here are some tips for rookies to avoid confusion when starting out.

The current bookies, the coin used will have 2 colors, red and white.

The instructions below are taken from the disc shock game using the most popular 4 coins as standard.

In a game of disc shock 4 coins, there is usually a convention for sides as follows:

  • Over: 4 red or 3 red 1 white.
  • Under: 4 white or 3 white 1 red.
  • Even: 4 red, 4 white or 2 white 2 red.
  • Odd: 3 white 1 red or 3 red 1 white.

These are also the bets that will appear in a game. If the result hits any door, the dealer will say the name of Over, Under, or Even, but not the names of the sides of the coin.

The Odds

Currently, online poker has a pretty high payout ratio. If the prediction hits the doors below, we just need to multiply the bet by the house rate specified to get the total amount received.

  • 4 red bet: 1:12.
  • 4 white bet: 1:12.
  • 3 white 1 red bet: 1: 2.6
  • 3 red 1 white bet: 1:2.6
  • Over bet: 1:0.96
  • Under bet: 1:0.96
  • Even bet: 1:0.96
  • Odds bet: 1:0.96

This ratio may change slightly to attract players in some bookies, but not too much. However, if we play big, this will also help us have a big difference if we win.

How to Bet Online Disc Shock

Playing disc shock online is a bit different from the traditional way. First, the player needs to perform a few operations through the computer system or smart device. That process goes like this:

Step 1: Players choose a bookmaker and create an account on the online betting game portal of their favorite bookmaker.

Step 2: Deposit money into your account before placing bets.

Step 3: Choose a dealer disc shock game or a video game by pre-programmed software to bet.

Step 4: When starting to play, the Dealer will shock the disc, and when it stops, the player will have 15-20 seconds to begin calculating the best selection.

Each player can choose chips of different values ​​according to the bookmaker's minimum and maximum rules. Then, choose a chip/bet and click on the door you want.

The system will display a message about the bet amount; please confirm if you agree. At this point, the player will notice that his bet chip is being placed on the over/under, even/odd door as selected.

Step 5: The Dealer opens the bowl and announces the result. The winner will receive the bonus according to the rate written at that door. The loser loses all his bets, and a new game of disc shock begins.

Tips for Listening to Disc Shock Sound

Listening to disc shock is listening to the sound the coins make when they are shocked to guess their sides.

This way usually only players with many years of experience can apply it methodically and effectively.

To hear the disc shock, the player needs to observe the parity sides of the coin when it is placed on the disc, the number of shocks, the movement of putting the disc, and the sound when the shock is made.

Players also need to observe and draw similarities and differences between shocks.

According to experienced people, the shock force also determines the results of the coins.

If the same force, the same number of shocks, the same operation, and when placed in the same disc, their occurrence rate of 80% is similar. From there, we will predict the best bet.

Many rookies often overlook a small note when hearing the disc shock is the dealer's disc placement force.

Take a look at their hands, and you will notice that the force used is very different. If the force is strong when placing the disc on the table, it should be counted as a shock to predict more accurately.

If the force is light, it can be ignored and still keep the number of shocks that we calculated (see).

Another experience is that they are less likely to collide if the coins are placed far apart. So we also need to take this into account when making predictions.

When the coins collide, they make very different sounds. From there, players can compare and find the relationship between the clear or dull sound and the results when opening the bowl.

Hopefully, with the above useful sharing, you will gain good knowledge to start playing disc shock. If you want to become a professional player and make real money from this game, you need to invest a lot of time and effort.

Wish you all a good start and success with this unexpected traditional game.

Published: 06 April 2022 18:03