The Grand Salami bet is a unique type of bet for experienced bettors who like to bet on Over/Under. This type of bet is not usually used by many beginner players because of its complexity. However, once you learn about it, Grand Salami bets can be the perfect solution for your profit on online sports betting.

Usually, this type of bet is only used in baseball and hockey, and it involves the total score of a series of matches played on a given night. If that sounds a bit confusing to you, we have provided all you need to know about Grand Salami bets right below, including its definition, how it works, and strategies to take the maximum advantage of its effectiveness.

What, Exactly, is the Grand Salami?

Grand Salami refers to the total points scored by teams in a series of matches, or in other words, a more complicated version of the Over/Under bet. Here, instead of trying to estimate the total score of a match, you have to predict the total combined score of every team in each game in a particular league. This type of bet works similar to the Over/Under bet, where you will win the bet if you correctly select the teams' total score to be higher or lower than the value offered by the odds provider.

The Grand Salami betTo better illustrate how Grand Salami works, you can refer to the following example, where we assume three baseball games take place on a given day:

Games Total
Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox +/- 7
New York Yankees vs Philadelphia Phillies +/- 8,5
Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Dodgers +/- 9,5
Grand Salami +/- 25

As you can see in this example, the operator estimates The sum of the points scored by the two teams in 3 baseball games is 7, 8.5, and 9.5, respectively. By a simple addition, the value of the bet will be placed at 25 points (8.5 + 9.5 + 7). However, in practice, sportsbooks can set this value at 25.5 or 24.5 to avoid a tie, where the player's bets are refunded.

After observing the table above, your task is to decide if the total score of all six baseball teams is higher or lower than 25 points, the level set by the Grand Salami bet. If you think the total is higher than 25, you will bet on Over. Conversely, if you think all six teams will not score more than 25 points, you will bet on Under. If you predict correctly, you win the bet. Everything is as simple as that.

Where Can You Find the Grand Salami?

You can try your luck with Grand Salami bets at most online betting sites on the market today. However, they are often most noticed by bettors on nights when many of the NHL and MLB games take place, tournaments at the highest levels of hockey and baseball. To choose this type of bet, you can look for options under either daily lines or proposition bets.

grand salami in baseball
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For sports other than hockey and baseball, Grand Salami bets are rarely used. While there are some rumors that the Grand Salami could be applied to the NFL or NBA, for now, they only appear at major events, such as the Sunday Conference Championship in the NFL or the ring. NBA knockout.

How is the Grand Salami Created?

As noted above, Grand Salami bets are usually settled on the total estimated score of all the matches involved in it. However, that is not true in all cases. In fact, online betting sites use different formulas to calculate Grand Salami numbers, and the actual number may differ from the estimated total for each match for a variety of reasons.

For example, if weather conditions are not favorable, two teams may score fewer points than they normally would. In another case, if a key player of a particular team is injured and misses the match, the team's score may decrease compared to their usual performance. Therefore, there are many factors that can affect the value of the Grand Salami bet.

Even so, they are rare situations, and Grand Salami bets will always be close to the sum of the individual sums. In practice, sometimes, these two values ​​will coincide.

The Strategy Behind Grand Salami Betting

After our detailed explanation of the Grand Salami bet, you now understand its definition and how its value is established. However, they are still not enough for you to make the most of this type of bet. To continue, you need to be familiar with the strategies for using this type of bet in specific sports. 

Understand Exactly What Over/Unders Are

An Over/Under bet is a special type of bet that allows gamblers to see the game from a different perspective than usual. Usually, people prefer to bet on one side and hope the team will win. However, instead of trying to determine who is the superior team or who will win the game, Over/Under bets say that you will try to determine how many points the teams will be able to score when combined.

Therefore, Over / Under bets are often for bettors who like entertainment and do not care too much about winning or losing between teams. So they can enjoy the match like a neutral spectator, or watch the game like an expert to estimate whether the game they are watching will have many or fewer points. 

The Over/Under bet is the basis for forming the Grand Salami bet. Therefore, before you try this type of bet, you need to be sure about your game view to avoid a confusing gambling experience. What we mean is that you should not bet on Grand Salami if you are a fan of one of the participating teams. The reason is that, if that happens, you have to either hope your opponent scores more points or hope your favorite team scores less to win the bet.

The Grand Salami in Hockey: What to Consider

When you bet on Grand Salami in hockey, you will need to pay attention to the goalkeeping positions of the teams. Usually, if teams use their best goalkeeper in a match, it is more likely that that match will have few goals. Therefore, if you look at the news about five hockey games tonight and know that 4/5 teams will use their reserve goalkeeper, you may want to choose Over based on a hunch that the matches will be played. There will be many goals.

Grand Salami in Hockey
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Besides, you also need to pay attention to the rest time of the teams. For hockey, teams will have to compete with high intensity for many days in a row. As a result, fatigue can have a big impact on players' performance. For example, suppose a team goes through a third game in four days in a row. In that case, there is a high chance that the defense will get tired and concede a lot of goals, and at the same time, the forward will probably not be able to regenerate with the energy they had shown the night before and score fewer goals. 

In addition, the list of injured players is also something that you should keep in mind when betting Grand Salami on hockey. This sport is very physically important, so if any key player is injured and absent, the scoring performance of that team will be significantly affected. 

What to Look for in Betting the Grand Salami in Baseball

For baseball, you will need to pay attention to the following factors for your Grand Salami bet to work. The first and most important factor is the starting pitchers. If you observe a number of excellent aces on the mound, you can imagine a game day where the opponent will not have a chance to touch the ball, and the game will have few points. Conversely, if you see a team playing with a third or fourth pitcher, the opponent is likely to score a lot of points as they take advantage of a weakness in the server's position.  

In addition, the process of studying the matches according to statistics is indispensable. For baseball, you can easily find statistics that tell you how a pitcher is up against a specific opponent. More specifically, some pitchers may appear to be entirely superior to some opponents but may struggle against others. Therefore, consult every possible statistical source for additional data before placing a Grand Salami bet. 

Besides, like hockey, weather factors can affect the total score of two teams in baseball. Depending on the wind direction in certain stadiums, it can affect the ball's trajectory and cause it to either leave the field or stay within the stadium's range, which will determine whether a particular team can score from that shot. 

Finally, superstars also influence the outcome of a baseball game. If on a day that Mike Trout, Kris Bryant, or Bryce Harper are absent, their teams will have a lot of trouble scoring points against their opponents.


This article has put together everything you need to know about Grand Salami bets. Hopefully, it will familiarize you with this type of bet and the strategies to use it most effectively. If you have more questions on topics in the world of sports betting, our site can answer just about anything through a series of how-to articles. You can find them right here on our homepage with just a few simple clicks.

Published: 01 June 2022 16:14