Volleyball is an Olympic sport in which a net separates 2 teams. Each team tries to score points by bringing the ball to the opponent's court, following the rules. Volleyball, like tennis, has the same betting and odds. Keep reading the article to learn more about volleyball betting.

Volleyball Rules

There are 2 teams playing against each other. Each team consists of six people and a Libero. The team that wins the right to serve is decided by tossing a coin to start the game. The player on the serving team tosses the ball and tries to hit it to pass the net and hit the ground in the opponent's court.

How To Play Online Volleyball Betting
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The opposing team must bring the ball back over the net with a maximum of 3 touches (excluding one block), and each player must not touch the ball twice in a row (except for 1 block). In addition, before the ball leaves the hand, the foot must not touch the goal line; toss the ball up before serving.

The ball can only be played after the referee's whistle. In the rules of volleyball, there are common errors as follows:

  • Faulty touching the ball: is an error of touching the ball over the above regulations.
  • Ball-sticking error: is a mistake assessed by the referee when the player hits the ball indecisively, the time of touching the ball is long when passing the ball, the palm is hit the ball.

Positions in the Team Lineup


The position is only allowed to defend and make save moves, not to kick the ball and attack through the opponent's court.

Libero's only attack technique when playing indoors is probably bouncing the ball against the ceiling, taking advantage of gravity to make a ball of several hundred grams increase into a few kilograms when bouncing from the ceiling directly into the opponent's court, making it difficult to catch the ball.

However, this is not an easy skill. Libero is allowed to enter and exit the field freely without notifying the referee to allow the players in the attack to rest.


It is the position to pass the ball to a teammate in the most favorable way to attack the opponent's half, mainly passing in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions and rarely in the 5th position. Usually, the main pass is in 3rd position, with two smashers on both sides: 2 and 4. The attacker is in an important position; the person with good bounce needs to have a good height, must have power in the hand that needs to move well on the court.

Scoring Method

Indoor volleyball: Play in a 5 game win 3 format. The team that reaches 25 points first and must create a distance of at least 2 points from the other team will win that game. In Particular, the 5th game only hit 15 points.

Beach Volleyball: Competing in a 3-game win-2 format. The team that reaches 21 points first and must create a distance of at least 2 points from the other team will win that game.

General Betting Rules for Volleyball at Bookies

  • Volleyball bets are based on the final match result from the start to the end of the match, if there are any changes later by the organizers affecting the match result, it will not be counted.
  • If an athlete withdraws himself or is disqualified before the end of a match, all bets will be void.
  • All bets will be considered valid if the match is still completed after the game is extended or paused.
  • For “parlay”, if a match ends before the allotted time or lasts more than 12 hours or is abandoned, then bets on this match will still be considered valid, the odds calculated as [1]
  • If the trading of a game, the specified number of games must be completed; if the set number of games is still incomplete or changed, the bet will be considered invalid.
  • If the match is played early, then single bets after the start of the game will be void; only bets placed before the start of the game will be considered valid.

Types of Bets

Match betting: This is a simple bet, predicting the winner of the match. If the team under the rafters wins, the payout ratio will be much higher. Players need to see the odds offered by the bookie to know the possible chances of winning.

Handicap: With this type of bet, the winning team must exceed the handicap before the bettor can win. This handicap can be 45, and the winning team must win by more than 45 points.

Over/Under: A bet on the total number of points of the two teams in the match. This is also known as over/under bets; players will rely on the odds offered by the house and guess whether the total score will be higher or lower than the dealer's score.

Set bet: This type of bet is aimed at the outcome of a specific set. The odds are the same as the match bets. This is usually the standard bet in volleyball. Above are all the game rules and the volleyball betting rules that you need to know. Finally, find yourself a reputable bookmaker to start looking for your luck.

Published: 07 April 2022 11:22