Football squares are an exciting type of betting between many bettors. It is considered an unorthodox form of betting, but it gives players a sense of excitement in the form of an office pool or party game. This form of betting became extremely popular during the Super Bowl, where any community group could participate based on its easy-to-understand rules.

If you are still wondering how this type of betting works and its profit potential, today's article will provide you with all the information and guidance you need. From there, you can join your family and friends in betting tickets for fun or find other opponents on the betting site and fight together for huge prizes.

Football Squares Betting
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Football Squares Rules and Options

Football squares betting works on the score of a football match, or more precisely, the final digit of the score for each team. Each bettor will choose for themselves some pair of numbers on a 10x10 square, including all possible scores of the match. The winner is determined to be the owner of exactly the score's final digit.

Example: The final score for the game between Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys is 15-8, so the number to look for is 5 and 8. Anyone who bets on precisely these two numbers before the game starts will be determined to be the bet's winner.

And that's all about the rules of football squares betting. As you can see, that's not too hard to understand. If you are wondering how people choose numbers and how to keep two players from selecting the same pair of numbers, here is the most concise explanation of what a pool operator does.

First, to make the squares, the operator used a poster board. The game was designed using a 10X10 grid, resulting in 100 distinct squares. The vertical and horizontal axes of the board will represent the numbers 0 to 9, respectively, covering all possibilities of the match's final score. Usually, the vertical axis will be conventionally associated with the home team, and the horizontal axis will show the results of the away team.

Then all players will choose pairs of numbers to bet. Let's say a player picks pairs of numbers 1-7, they will look for the number 1 on the vertical axis and the number 7 on the horizontal axis. The next thing they need to do is notify the operator of their bet to check if anyone has placed such a bet. If the operator confirms no, they will have their bets recognized. Players have the right to bet on multiple pairs of numbers at the same time to increase their chances of winning.

Regarding the prize structure, each player will have to bet the same amount on the squares. The operator of the sports site will decide this amount, or players will discuss among themselves if they are friends or family members. The winner will win the total amount in the pool. Everything is as simple as that.

An Example of a Completed Football Square

If you have been overwhelmed by the above theories, consider the example below to make it easier to visualize a completed football square. 

  2 4 5 7 9 0 1 3 8 6
0 James Daniel Brian Alan Philip Ella Dean Jenny Philip Larry
8 Robert Mark Michael Lily Carl Eric Alan Frank Jenny Dean
9 John Kevin Louis Philip Jose Ella Jose Harry Kyle David
7 Michael Brian Kyle Jose David John Frank Eric Lily Ella
4 David Jason Roy Kyle Roy Lily Dean Carl Jenny Jose
6 William Ryan Frank Susan Andy Alan David Jenny Frank Mark
3 Richard Eric Alan Roy Eric Susan Jenny Brian Dean Lily
5 Joseph Scott David Ella Susan John Louis Lily Susan Larry
1 Thomas Larry Carl Jose Brian Carl Tom Kyle Eric Roy
2 Charles Frank John Louis Philip Susan Brian Louis Dean Frank

Assuming each player contributes $10 to the pool for each square they bet, the pool total will be 1000 dollars. In most cases, the winner will win the entire prize, namely $1000.

However, some operators may determine the winner of each quarter and split those winnings to give players more chances. For example, the winner of each of the four quarters will receive a quarter of the prize, which is $250. With the community nature of this betting type, players can agree on the distribution of prizes for the most comfortable betting experience.

Which are the Best Numbers to Get in a Football Square?

Statisticians worked hard to find the pairs of numbers with the best chance of winning after analyzing Super Bowl scores from the years from 2005 to 2014. And here are the results:

  • At the end of the first quarter, the best numbers to have are 0, 0. That is a usual score at the end of the first quarter, according to statistics. 7, 7 are the second-best numbers to have at the end of the first quarter.
  • The strongest numbers will modify at halftime breaks. At halftime, 7, 3 is the ideal number to have, followed by 7, 7, and 4, 0.
  • The optimum numbers to have at the end of the third quarter are 4, 0, 7, 0, and 3, 7.
  • The top final score numbers are, in order, 3.0; 5, 4; 1, 7; and 4, 4.
  • At any time in the game, the worst numbers to have are 2, 9, and 5.
  • The 0 and 7 are by far the best numbers to have.

How to Draw Numbers for Squares

If you are a betting operator, simply place the numbers randomly on the vertical and horizontal axes of the board. To make this easier, you can use apps like Random Number Generator (RNG) or other similar software. If it's just a fun bet between family members, you can simply be creative with the numbers' order.

How Do You Win Super Bowl Squares?

For Super Bowl matches, the winner is usually determined after each quarter. In other words, with four quarters in the final, there will be four winners corresponding to the score in each quarter. However, the profits of each of those players are not necessarily the same, and it depends on the operator's regulations. So, be sure to carefully check the prize structure as well as the specified bet amount before betting on football squares with real money.


This guide has provided you with all the information you need regarding how football squares work and their prize structure. This game can be played recreationally among family members, or more seriously if you join it at an online sports betting site. In any case, its prize pool is always the destination of every player, as they can win a massive amount of money with limited investment.

Published: 15 June 2022 16:29